Do you find yourself jumping up and down for joy over the food you give your kiddo? If you’re anything like me, the answer is no. I may be a stay at home mom, but I’m still very busy doing the daily tasks to keep our home functioning and chasing around a 1 year old at the same time so when it is meal time, I run into the pantry, grab the first jar I see, and it is feeding time… well sort of… unfortunately meal times are very unpleasant. I can’t get my child to eat! I swear I have to coat everything in chocolate flavored yogurt or pudding.  I have found it’s a hard balance of feeding my child the nutrients I know he needs in order to grow and getting him to actually ingest those foods. This leads me to my point… I am definitely not the mom that gets excited about food and what my son eats and probably would have stayed that way if I hadn’t attended a focus group through The Touch Agency to test a new high end baby food being introduced to the market last week. Going in to the focus group I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was eager to learn about the product to see how it could benefit my life in terms of feeding my finicky eating son. I realized early into the meeting that the baby food line we were there for was one I had just read an article about in the Austin American Statesman so I was somewhat familiar with the product. Only 1 other person recognized the founding duo, Lauren McCullough and Caroline Freedman for NurturMe. The remainder of the group that didn’t recognize the founders weren’t told who Caroline and Lauren were until the end of the meeting, which made for some interesting commentary regarding the food. Lauren and Caroline were introduced to the group as part of The Touch Agency so everyone felt like they could be very candid regarding the line.

NurturMe is a naturally grown and quick dried baby food that you simply add water, formula, or breast milk to. NurturMe is sold in powder form and with liquid turns to an oatmeal type consistency. Many of the moms in the group were having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea of feeding their child food that was in powder form, but I was immediately pumped about the product! First of all, the food comes in a small pouch like that of an oatmeal pouch and when mixed makes 2.5 oz, which is the same size as one of the smaller jars of food. NurturMe has an array of options, but we mostly played with the bananas, apples, and squash. One of the first reasons why I instantly fell in love with this product was the fact that it was easy to mix in to any food. Let’s say I’m feeding my son spaghetti, but can’t get him to eat squash by itself… all I have to do is sprinkle a pouch of squash into the spaghetti and now he’s eating squash! Or if all I can get my child to eat is chocolate pudding one afternoon I can grab a pouch of bananas or apples and do the same. Voila, my kid is getting his nutrients and is happy that I’m not force feeding him broccoli! It’s also great if you’re just testing the waters with solid foods. You can create the consistency you want, like rice cereal or oatmeal, but explore new foods at the same time. And the best part is you don’t have to waste an entire jar if your child doesn’t eat it all… you can simply save the remainder of the powder for later.

Another huge appeal of NurturMe is the fact that it’s completely natural and organic so don’t let the fact that it’s in powder form deter you, because it’s just as nutritious as buying an organic banana and mashing it up except now all you have to do is add water! Gone are the days of traveling and worrying about your baby food jars breaking in transit and ruining your wardrobe. Gone are the days of weighing down your baby bag with food for the day while you run errands… each box of NurturMe holds 8 (2.5 oz) packages of food and weighs the equivalent to 1 baby food jar! If you can’t tell, I have embraced NurturMe and gosh darn it, I’m excited and jumping up and down about baby food for once!!! Out with the old and in with the new, I say! The best part about supporting NurturMe is the fact that the founders, Caroline and Lauren are so down to earth, easy to talk to, and genuine about hearing feedback and even criticism of their product. The second best part about supporting NurturMe is you would be supporting a local company, because they are from Austin! NurturMe is great for babies as early as 4 months and is still great for children when they’re feeding themselves a bowl of spaghetti and refuse to eat their green beans… I like to call it the sneak in method. You can find NurturMe at Whole Foods and Babies R Us here in Austin.

Check out some photos below of NurturMe in action!

NurturMe Bananas with Chocolate Pudding 

 And here’s Lincoln, my son enjoying his tasty dessert!


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