Okay, who loves Tex-Mex?? I do, I do, I do!!! Living in Austin we are surrounded by fabulous Mexican food… queso, salsa, margaritas, enchiladas, tacos, and dump on the sour cream, please! There is definitely a plethora of Mexican food choices, but if you’re looking for super tasty food, excellent drinks, FAMILY FRIENDLY, affordable restaurant you have to go to Maudie’s! Maudie’s is a fantastic, casual, and yummy restaurant that is perfect to go to for brunch on Sunday, lunch on Tuesday or dinner on a Friday night. Whenever we have family visiting we always go to Maudie’s. It’s my “go to” tex-mex restaurant and whenever I try something new I’m always disappointed and compare it to Maudie’s. The coolest part about Maudie’s is they are Austin grown and started as a hole in the wall Mexican food joint. I can still remember being in my college days going to their first location off Lake Austin Blvd… they have grown so much since then! This picture here is of Maudie herself in front of the original Lake Austin Blvd. location. Read the Maudie’s story.

Maudie’s now has 6 locations in Austin, but my favorite is the Maudie’s in Davenport Village. At most of their locations you have the choice to sit inside or outside, but Maudie’s in Davenport overlooks Capital of Texas Highway and has a gorgeous view. They have shades that come down during the sunny part of the day and retract once the sun says goodbye for the day. They even have space heaters outside that are in the ceiling so even if it’s 40 degrees out you can still enjoy dinner outside with your kiddos. We almost always sit outside (cold or hot) and we are always comfortable.

Maudie’s loves children and brings you a kids menu for them to color on and their own pack of crayons. They have slings, high chairs, and booster seats so no matter what the age of your child they will be able to sit and eat comfortably. Maudie’s is pretty loud too so no worries if your little one is just starting to become vocal. With that said, pre-baby Wesley and I would go to Maudie’s ALL the time and kids never bothered us; however, I wouldn’t consider Maudie’s to be a post-baby date night spot. This is much more a of a low key family night kind of place.

If you end up checking out Maudie’s you have to get the Maura’s Bean Dip…. It’s a heavenly queso with lettuce, refried beans, and topped with tomatoes. It’s pretty spicy so make sure you have plenty of water or a frozen margarita! For my entrée I almost always get the Tio Chon Enchiladas, which is sort of like a continuation of the bean dip on an enchilada, but I also love the Strait Plate—3 beef enchiladas with 2 fried eggs on top. If you’re looking for an “off the menu” item get the Kentchilada with the Strait Plate’s 2 fried eggs on top… it’s delicious! Who would have thought to combine dinner and breakfast? Well Maudie’s did and they go together perfectly! If you’re looking for something sweet they have amazing Sopapillas and even Miles of Chocolate!

If you haven’t checked out Maudie’s yet and you’re drooling at this point, head over there! They usually have a short wait, but if you’re flexible with dining in or out you are able to be seated much faster. If there is a wait, just order a margarita…every flavor is wonderful!

Maudie’s is a great family restaurant that loves their customers. I promise, it will become your new “go to” Tex-Mex fix.

Margarita? Yes, please!


  1. Maudies is mine and Devin’s absolute favorite Mexican restaurant!! It was the first restaurant we took Porter to when he was a baby! We actually went to lunch there last week. They have delicious tortilla soup!! Wish they would build one up in our neck of the woods!


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