If you’re like us, you’re always on the look out for great things to do with the family that aren’t going to break the bank. When Matt and I first moved to Austin I was nervous that the town was more geared toward the college-aged hispter and not the young blossoming family, but…boy was I wrong. There are tons of family oriented things to do in Austin on the cheap and if you keep reading (which I know you will) we’ll be highlighting some fun family activities regularly.

Today, I want to talk to you about Austin Children’s Museum. Perhaps you’ve driven by their beautiful and colorful building on Colorado Street (Downtown Austin.)

Photo Courtesy of www.austinkids.org

Matt and I took Caroline to ACM on a Sunday. There were probably 30 other kids roaming the building, another 30 or so in the birthday rooms and 10 others in the Toddler area. We were pleased with the admission prices ($6.50 each for adults and FREE for children 0-12 months), wide open areas for roaming and plenty of exhibits so there wasn’t a line for any one thing.

We spent a lot of time at their HUGE “Thomas the Train-like” set up that’s literally 6 feet by 6 feet big and set up next to a huge magnet board…what kid doesn’t like magnets? After that we wondered over to the music maker where Matt Caroline created beautiful music by smackin’ foam to giant test tubes (don’t you love the proper terminology?) And then….ahhhhhhh….it was as if the pearly gates opened and we were free to roam to Heavens. We turned the corner to the Toddler’s area also known as the Rising Star Ranch. It’s perfect for those of you who have little ones (2 and under) because it’s gated, has toddler height activities, is crawl proof and safe from any overly excited little runners! One of Caroline’s favorite activities was the golf ball wall they have located in the North corner.

Everything about ACM is great but there are three final fantastic points I want to make.

  1. Admission is affordable on a daily basis but on Sunday’s between 4 and 5 it’s FREE
  2. ACM is located in the heart of downtown and would be the perfect close to a family date/late lunch/afternoon frozen yogurt treat.
  3. ACM is non-profit and without philanthropic support, it won’t be able to provide Austin families with a safe and educational entertainment option!

Austin Children’s Museum gets a 4 Rattle Rating for being an AWESOME place to take the family!

Happy Saturday!





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