Okay, I must admit, when I was first ‘asked’ ‘told’ to write this blog about the 10 most surprising things about fatherhood- I believe I said out loud- ‘Oh I can do that in 10 minutes, done, signed, sealed, delivered’ (Allison confirmed…he did say that!) 3-4 weeks later the moment before the deadline, here I am on a Saturday morning finishing the blog!
What I’m really taking from this little exercise is that my life is extremely busy, I have a demanding career that requires me to be at the office many hours every week- throw in buying a new house, accomplishing all of the hard to reach goals I set for myself- and let’s not forget all those little things like scheduling a simple eye appointment that will work with my work schedule- to watering my new sod- to watching a little playoff baseball- to and most importantly I might add- spending time with my family and all of sudden my week is FULL.
I guess when I really sit here and reflect on it, between Lincoln’s ‘Uh Oh’s (so adorable), and the simple quietness of a Saturday morning, the #1 MOST SURPRISING THING ABOUT FATHERHOOD is – that I, actually WE, make it all work- it’s really that simple. I come home every night and spend as much time as I can rolling around on the floor, laughing, making silly noises with my son and wife- among all the other thoughts, wants, desires that crop up in a given day- I still have the time to be an engaged father. There are unquestionably all flavors of father’s out there, and I’m no different/better than the next, all I really know for certain is that the internal joy I feel from being a father is real….Fatherhood has truly been a blessing to me; I can’t even imagine myself being anything other than Lincoln’s dad. The following is really just the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak. Enjoy…
The 10 Most Surprising Things About Fatherhood
#10: That I finally know how my Dad feels about me- My Dad never missed a game, a hunting trip, a chance to be engaged with his boys- that internal feeling is special.
#9: That I can roll around on the floor and make crazy noises like I’m a kid again, and Lincoln loves it, he rides on my back as we bark at random toys, furniture, and mama, we throw rocks and make spitting sounds- it’s awesome!
#8: That being a father would make my relationship with Allison so much stronger and fuller; she continues to inspire me by her dedication to our little family.
#7: That I would know and memorize every scene and all the words to the Backyardigans songs! ‘It’s the call….It’s the call…Of the mermaid…the ocean’s greatest mystery’! Wanna hear more: It’s the Call of the Mermaid
#6: That when people ask if I have kids I have this noticeable conceded smile on my face that says’ Ah YA!
#5: That I would hate whining, and teething so much; enough said…Right? I mean, come on!
#4: That I’m the hero of the house- it’s a pretty cool feeling I must say and I love to play the ‘good cop’ when given a chance! I’m such a softie- I am praying everyday that we do not have a girl! Ha!
#3: That I would have the energy and time to try and teach my son something new every day!
#2: That I would care about height, weight, head circumference percentiles so much!
#1: It’s simple- that becoming a father would make my life more important and connected, that I would feel like I am finally apart of something special, that I would literally do anything for my family, and most important of all- that my son has made me a better man- and he’s only 14 months old- I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my life with my ‘little big boy’, Lincoln Cody Mack!’

I truly hope that every one of you reading this blog has had or gets the opportunity in the future to experience this sensation I now share with my family. It’s been an amazing year and half… I hope when you hear my son’s name being mentioned one day that you have the same smile I have on my face right now! Here’s to being a father- and simply making things work! Thank you Allison and Vanessa for asking me, errhh making me write this blog… Getting the opportunity to put my thoughts onto paper has been a blessing in itself…

You like me? You really really like me? Thanks!


  1. I am sure you never imagined what wonderful things were in store for you 21 months ago when you found out the two of you were expecting. A child is the best!! Good job Wesley.

  2. Great piece bru! It has been a pleasure to see you, Lincoln and Allison grow over the last year, and trust me, you have earned that smile!


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