No worries there aren’t any spoilers in this review.

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My hubby and I went to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s newest movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” on Saturday (9/17/11).  We went it to it with a positive attitude despite the terrible reviews.  I love Sarah Jessica Parker, I was introduced to Sex and the City right after a bad breakup and it was the perfect comfort series.  Since then, I’ve been a big fan and I don’t think she can do a lot of wrong.

With that being said, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” didn’t do it for me.  Kate (SJP) plays an investment banker who struggles with juggling her high power job, two kids and home life.  As a working mom, I thought I would be cheering at the screen and find every moment relatable when I felt the opposite. There were definitely moments where I felt like I have been in Kate’s shoes but for the most part, I felt like her struggles could have been managed with a Google Calendar. I was most bothered by the stay at home characters who were portrayed as judgmental ladies who spend 8+ hours at the gym while their kids are in school.  I know a lot of stay at home moms and I’m sure they would love to get 45 minutes in the gym, much less 8 hours.  I thought that role was a bit exaggerated.

My husband thought the movie was good.  He said he related to the husband’s character a lot (Greg Kinnear) and thought it was refreshing to see a working couple talk through the struggles of marriage and kids.

Aside from Pierce Brosnan’s charming character, Jack, nothing from the movie made me say “Awe.”  This is definitely not a life changing movie and will not make you go home and throw on your “I am Woman” shirt.

I give it a two rattle rating because I love Sarah Jessica Parker and Pierce Brosnan’s accent, otherwise it would receive one.




  1. Awe. I’m a little disappointed. I was really hoping for a “make me feel good” movie. I’ll wait to rent it! Thanks for the 411!


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