Who wants their baby to sleep effortlessly while you bang dishes in the kitchen, watch your favorite movie with surround sound, flush the toilet that’s right outside your kid’s bedroom, or even cheer on your favorite sports team? Basically who wants to continue to live life loudly while their baby sleeps soundly? Well I know my husband and I certainly did so we invested in a sound machine for our tyke and let me tell you, it was the best $19.99 we’ve ever spent! We got our sound machine from Buy Buy Baby off Brodie and 71. The Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby Machine plays nursery rhymes, a beating heart, ocean waves, rain, etc. It also has a rotating picture projector that projects little animals, fish, stars etc. onto the wall or ceiling. It’s so light weight that you can travel with it, but most importantly, this thing will help keep your kiddo asleep all night! Honestly, we couldn’t live without it and it helps set the mood for bedtime when we turn it on. For the price and what you get out of it, the Homedics SoundSpa is definitely worth the purchase!

Now go get that baby of yours to sleep!


Allison is the Co-founder and Owner of AustinMoms.com and has lived in Austin her entire life. She graduated from The University of Texas-Austin {Hook ‘Em} with a degree in English. A former advertising executive and media planner, Allison spent much of her career executing advertising campaigns for her clients. She is now the proud mother of 3. Allison lives in West Austin with the hubs, Wesley and their 3 beautiful children Lincoln {2010}, Townsend {2013} and Larkin {2016}. To contact Allison, email info@austinmoms.com


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