When Matt and I started our search for the perfect preschool for Caroline, I knew that I wanted a place with an academic focus.  It was [and still is] my mentality that the nurture piece will happen naturally and if education is not first priority, it would fall to the wayside.

We looked at three different schools in the Cedar Park area and ultimately chose The Goddard School.  One of the best decisions we’ve made for our growing daughter.

When I first met with Butch, the owner, I was pleased to know that Goddard was on the same wavelength that I was on as far as academics are concerned so much so that they have developed their own education model–FLEX.  The Goddard School FLEX Learning Program, based on the latest research in how children learn, provides the optimal environment for a young child’s development. The program’s foundation is the learning continuum that encompasses developmental guidelines with formative assessments, child-focused lesson plans, a creative and fun environment and a personalized child-centered approach that meets each child’s needs.

The key elements of FLEX Learning are:
1. Developmental guidelines, state standards and formative assessments;
2. Child-focused lesson plans from the Goddard Curriculum Guide;
3. Creative and fun learning environment; and
4. Child-centered learning and teachable moments for a personalized approach.

Painting with “ellelo” paint 

FLEX Learning incorporates seven core, academically accepted learning domains. These are the standard learning domains that are included in most state guidelines for quality early childhood education and are part of the curriculum requirements for most accreditations.

The domains are:
1. personal and social development;
2. language and literacy;
3. mathematical thinking;
4. scientific thinking (including technology);
5. social studies;
6. creative expression; and
7. physical development.

You may be thinking…seriously?  For a 15 month old?  But it’s amazing to me how important these things are at even younger than 15 months!

Creative Expression is Crucial for Little Minds

Here are some pictures of Caroline participating in the FLEX activities at Goddard.  We just crack up laughing when she goes into “Downward Dog” position at home.  Yoga is one of the ways Goddard encourages physical development.

Downward Dog

Caroline loves exploring new textures.

Even if preschool isn’t the route for you, there are key education activities centered around those key domains that you can implement as a stay at home parent.  I encourage you all to look at the FLEX model and try to incorporate some of it into your daily lives.


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