How long can I use the excuse “Oh…I just had a baby” to make up for my tighter clothes?  Probably not much longer.  She’s reaching the 17 month mark which is a hop, skip and a jump away from 18 months and that much closer to 2 years old and some people already have another kid by then.  Probably not a good plan.

A week and a half ago, I blogged about being mentally ready to kick this Post Baby Body Depression (PBBD) to the curb and my new partnership with CrossFit Round Rock and trainers Adrien, Aggie, Landon and Mark.

Like anything, I think it’s best to do a little bit of research before diving in and so I did what any girl would do and Googled “CrossFit.”  Holy **** (yes, I censored it because our blog is family friendly!)

Probably not the best thing to do since I haven’t worked out in (one moment while I do some math….16 months Caroline has been alive + 9 months I was pregnant – 1 when I didn’t know I was pregnant and was still workin’ on my fitness=24 months) TWO YEARS! Wow…this is the first time I’ve actually admitted that.  I haven’t worked out in two years.  Well, anyway, it probably wasn’t the best idea to look up pictures of super CrossFit man and super CrossFit woman, but I had to.  I needed to mentally prepare myself for what lies ahead the next few weeks. Oh and I have to mention this, Adrien, co-founder of CrossFit Round Rock and one of the trainers I will be working with was a FINALIST to replace Jillian on the Biggest Loser (one of my top 5 TV shows!) so I’m in for a treat…that was scared sarcasm.

Back to CrossFit….one of the reasons CrossFit is so successful is because of the foundation the certified trainers teach their pupils.  This foundation is referred to as “The Elements.”  Yikes! Reminds me of science class…something else I haven’t done in two years (at least!)

The Elements is a crash course on proper form and the definition of each work out.  During the Elements class, you learn that doing squats with incorrect form is NOT going to get you the tushy you want…proper form is crucial to that bikini booty and the same for all other CrossFit exercises.

The other piece to my PBBD journey is eating properly.  Sigh.  This will be difficult for me.  If I had my way my dinner would be a loaf of bread with wine and cheese.  Eww. That sounds gross but those are a few of my favorite things…oh and spaghetti and mac n cheese–none of which are on my approved diet.  I’ll be working with Adrien and using her famous Bye Bye Belly plan which has worked for thousands of women across the country by encouraging a natural, gluten free diet.  There is more to it than that, but basically I can say “See Ya!” to my beloved Mac N Cheese for now.  I’m excited and honored to be working with her and hope I don’t disappoint.

So…anyway…I’m scared out of my mind and pretty nervous about how I will feel after my first work out in T minus one hour, but I am excited for this journey.  Hopefully I can make it up the stairs to our bedroom tonight but if not, they foyer isn’t the worst place to sleep and my husband said he has the ice packs ready.




  1. WOOHOO, Go Sexy Mama! LoL!! Vanessa, your going to totally love it! I tried it out for a month and it was awesome!!! If theres anyone who can do it, its you! Also, I have been doing a home workout for almost 3 months now and its just 15minutes out of your day, I love it, I noticed the first week my clothes were fitting looser and body a bit more toned. Its called, Zuzana (the hot girl with the killer bod) yah, its depressing seeing her do the workouts with such ease, but its very motivating. Everyday, you sign in and she has the workout done (on video) for you. Its intense and short, point of it is, you can’t stop within the 15min. Also, I started signing up for 5k’s to motivate myself and set goals for the race, its helps, plus proceeds go to a great cause. I hope you get a chance to check it out BodyRock and love it as much as i do. I’ve gone from a size 10 to size 6/4, and when i started BodyRock, I was at a size 8, now working to get into a solid 4. If I can do it, you will have NO problem with it. Lol. Either way, your going to do great & best of luck with CrossFit!! Your family is gorgeous, and I’m so happy your doing well in Austin. I need to go visit you soon, miss ya!



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