With two girls in my house, we have A LOT of headbands and I have yet to find the
perfect place to store them, besides all shoved into a drawer. I wanted a place where
I could put them so they’d be visible, organized and easily accessible for my oldest to
reach. The perfect solution? A repurposed can of oatmeal – empty, of course!

Here are some easy, kid-friendly step-by-step directions on how to turn an old can of
oatmeal into your headband holder!


  • Empty can of oatmeal
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Scrapbook paper

Additional Materials:

  • Vinyl Tablecloth

  1. Measure how much scrapbook paper you will need and cut it to size
  2. Coat the entire oatmeal can with Mod Podge – do this liberally because the cardboard on the can will absorb quite a bit of the moisture
  3. Carefully lay and smooth out your scrapbook paper, lining up the edges at the top and bottom of the canister. (I needed to add yet another liberal coat of Mod Podge underneath the scrapbook paper as I laid it out.)
  4. Once the canister is covered with scrapbook paper, add two more liberal coats of Mod Podge, smoothing any edges and pressing any bubbles down.

Once its thoroughly dry, its ready to be used!

Most of theses steps are completely kid-friendly. My oldest daughter loved having
free-reign of the paintbrush and Mod Podge, which is why the vinyl tablecloth is super
important! Enjoy!



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