While driving to work on Monday, I was listening to the Bobby Bones show.  The teaser to their next conversation topic was “200 pound 8 year old boy removed from home.”  I couldn’t wait for the commercial break to come and go.  Could this be true?  Eight years old and 200 pounds?  My husband is 6’2 and weighs 190…my mind was spinning.

When the commercial break ended, I learned that an 8 year old boy was removed from his Ohio home and placed into foster care because his mother “has not done enough to control his weight.” According to the article referenced, Social Services reached out to the boy’s mother more than a year ago to try and get the boy’s weight under control but 365 days later the situation was worse.

At this point my heart is breaking for this family–the negative press and the poor boy in the middle of it all.

The mother is quoted saying she wants her son to lose the weight and she’s trying but it has been a difficult journey.  As someone who has tried to shed a few pounds lately, I can tell you that it’s NOT that hard…so I call BS on that one but what really has me scratching my head is, is this any of social services’ business? I personally find is appalling but that doesn’t mean there is a right for action to be taken.  The state has an obligation to remove children from their home if there is abuse, neglect or malnourishment (undernourishment).  None of which are present.  In fact, the young boy has a great academic record, a happy home life and other than sleep apnea, no serious medial conditions.  Sleep apnea could be related to the weight (in his case is 99% related to the weight but it could be an independent issue.)

What do you think?  Did Social Services have the right to remove the boy from his home because he is overweight?  And do you think this was an extreme action or a necessary one?


  1. I think Social Services should have provided help and counseling to the mother/son so that they learn how to have a healthier lifestyle. If it’s true he’s a happy, good kid at school, taking him out of the home was probably extreme. She might not be smart enough or educated enough to do this on her own. Yes we think as mothers she should know better but it’s obvious that many people don’t. I’m sure you’ve seen the obese children here in the Valley eating unhealthy. Every time I see one with their parents I always think it IS a sign of abuse. It’s not the emotional or physical abuse that we are used to, but it’s still abuse in my opinion. It’s also my opinion that it is Social Services business. However in this case, and I only know what you wrote, removing him from the home was extreme.


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