If you’re a working mom like me, sometimes you feel guilty shipping your kids off with a sitter on the few days you’re not working.  I know it’s a constant struggle for me.  I used to feel like my weekends were my time to detox from the week, but nowadays I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend thanks to our rambuctious 18 month old.

Finding family activities in the Austin area is not a problem.  In fact, there are web sites like this one dedicated to family fun in Austin.  The problem (and I use the word problem lightly) is finding a family activity that is fun for the parents that will include the children and not be fun for the children and exhausting for the parents (park/Little Gym/etc.)

While on a day date with my hubs at Alamo Draft House, we learned that Alamo Draft House hosts Baby Day every Tuesday for showings before 2:05 pm.  So what does that mean?  That means you can take your rambunctious toddler and let them roam the theaters while you watch a movie that YOU want to see! Isn’t that AWESOME or am I the only one excited?

The best part is that Alamo Draft House accommodates mommies by making the lights a little brighter and the noise a little softer so your kids aren’t deaf when they leave! Isn’t this a great development for Austin Area moms? You can save some money on childcare and still do what YOU want to do while spending time with your little lovebugs. Sounds blissful to this mama!

AND in the spirit of Holiday giving, Alamo Draft House has offered ONE lucky Austin Moms Blog reader a pair of tickets and a $20 Gift Card for food items but there are two little teeny tiny twists.  #1: You have to comment below with a movie you skipped in the theater because of your kiddo and #2: You have to be willing to do an “Alamo Draft House Baby Day Review” blog.

Can’t think of a movie you skipped?  Why don’t you let us know one of your all time favorite movies!  Happy Commenting!



  1. There have been many movies I have skipped because of my kiddos. One in particular was Crazy Stupid Love, and I’m a huge Ryan Gosling fan. I ended up watching it from Redbox! Would have been better on the big screen . 🙂

  2. I love movies, especially when you can have goat cheese pizza and a glass of wine while enjoying the big screen. It’d be great to have a date night w my hubby when he gets home!

  3. Haha – I’ve missed pretty much every movie that has come out for the last two years! 🙂 I’m a huge Ryan Gosling fan and would have loved to have seen Crazy, Sexy, Love.

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