Every year after the ball drops, an article is published that talks about the most popular New Year’s Resolutions.  Surprise! Surprise! (not really) getting back in shape is toward the top of the list followed by plans to get family finances on track.  Setting resolutions as adults is not an uncommon practice, however, setting parenting resolutions is a newer trend.

Have you sat down and reflected on 2011 and the type of parent you were?  Any parenting ups and downs?  Matt and I sat down and created a list of things we’d like to do to make sure we’re working on being the best parents we can be.

1.)  Develop a discipline style that we both agree with and implement.  Until now, Matt and I have been inconsistent with our discipline.  Sometimes we give her a little hand slap, sometimes a little slap on the bottom, sometimes we try time out but we’ve never had a plan.  We are hoping this year we figure out what discipline style we are most comfortable with and implement that in 2012.

2.) Read Love and Logic.  I’ve heard that this is the wonder book and we can’t wait to read it.  We got through the introduction paraqgraph in 2011 and life got in the way of the other chapters. This will hopefully help us with Resolution #1.

3.) Stop allowing Caroline to creep into our bedroom! We do not have a great sleeper (18 months old and she STILL wakes up in the middle of the night) and it never fails, we bring her in bed with us.  This cannot continue in  2012.  We do want to grow the Barry bunch eventually.

What about you?  Any parenting resolutions in your home?


  1. Was going to suggest Love and Logic and then I read your #2 point! Definitely a must read. Gives a GREAT perspective. And if you don’t have time to read, we checked out the audio book at the library and J listened to it on his way to work. BOTH parents have to read/listen and be on board. They also offer free seminars – so check their website. Its a nice “refresher course.”


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