We’ve all been there…flipping through a parenting magazine and thinking, “Hey…my baby is cuter than that baby!” So, why aren’t they featured in commercials or in magazines?  Well, my name is Deahni (pronounced dee-on-knee) and I am a local mom photographer, graphic designer, blogger, dance teacher, gymnastics coach and wife.  Additionally, I manage my eleven year old son’s acting career. We started with photo contests when he was a baby and, even though we won many of them, we didn’t seriously get started in the “biz” until he was 5.  One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not always about having the “cutest” kid.  Advertisers are looking for ALL shapes, sizes and colors of babies and children to represent their products and with the right tools, ANYONE can be a model or an actor.

When my son was 5, we met with an agent and within one week he had his first job, and it was a major one!  He was cast as Lisa Kudrow’s son in a local film, “Kabluey”. Filming began the following week and continued for a month, it was quite exciting!  In the 6 years since, he has filmed numerous commercials, films, tv pilots, student projects and music videos. It’s really a lot of fun and we wouldn’t trade the experiences we’ve had for anything.

Like I mentioned above, one of the many hats I wear is as a photographer.  Through my photography business, I am currently hosting a “Model Search Photo Contest” via my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/chasethelightphotography. I am very excited about this. I am looking for some new faces to represent my business and, who doesn’t love a contest?  As a mother of someone in the “biz,” I know what agents are looking for and I am looking forward to fostering the finalists of the contest.  I know the most difficult part is getting started.  There is a lot of conflicting information swirling out there and figuring out what paths to take can be next to impossible and this is where I can help!  One of the prizes for the Modeling Contest is some one-on-one consultation about modeling.

It’s easy to enter the contest. 1.) Visit the facebook page  2.) upload a picture of your child 3.) Share with your friends and family and encourage them to vote.

The prizes are:
-A styled photo shoot by Chase The Light Photography (photo session will be held in Austin area, winner must be local or willing to travel at their own cost)
-Photos from your child’s photo shoot as cover photos for Chase The Light Photography
-16×20 print of photo chosen from the photo shoot
-“How to Get Your Child into Acting and Modeling” by CTL Photography

If you have any other questions regarding modeling or acting in Austin, please contact me.

Vanessa Barry
Vanessa is the co-founder of Austin Moms Blog. She is also the Director of Communications for IDEA Public Schools, a nationally recognized network of K-12 public charter schools serving more than 15,000 students. She has a blast learning, loving and laughing with her four-year-old little lady, Caroline Grace.


  1. I’m interested in reputable agencies for child models in Austin tx. My daughter is interested and I’m looking for advice. Please let me know.

    Thank you

  2. I have an exceptionally besutiful and good natured blue eyed granddaughter. I know you hear it all the time. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. Hello,

    My 7 year old daughter has recently expressed wanting to get into acting, I thought modeling might be a better start for her to see if she likes it. She’s beautiful & very photogenic. Please let me know what you would need from us to get a foot in the door. Thank you.


  4. As Australia’s longest running talent agency, Bubblegum Casting it is so great to see so many parents passionate and confident about getting their children to have a go at modellling! If you think your kid could be great, why not give it a go! Great article, very positive and inspiring for parents considering whether child modelling could suit their child.

  5. Great article. As Australia’s longest running children’s talent agency, we love seeing encouraging articles like this! It’s always such a joy to hear about youngsters following their dreams. Parents supporting one another and giving feedback is also amazing! Good read.


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