If you have spare time, raise you hand…just what I though..crickets!

None of us have a ton of extra hours in the day between work or caring for our kids, maintaining our households and watching the Kardashians, so, how in the world are we supposed to have time for extra curricular activities?!

Well, just like everything else…we just have to. Matt and I have been looking into ballet classes since we found out we were having a girl and Matt and I has been looking into soccer. We made the agreement that we would enroll Caroline in “whatever became available first.” Well…what do you know! SoccerTots starts at 18 months…it will be a few more months until Caroline can sport a tutu but starting tomorrow, she’ll be on her way to being Mia Hamm or Hope Solo!

We decided to get her enrolled right away because even though we know she won’t be competitive and understand that she needs to kick the ball into the goal, this is going to help with her social skills and we can make some new baby and adult friends in the process.

Aside from that, there are a few other things we like about Caroline being involved in an extra curricular activity:

1.) It promotes team play. I don’t think you can learn that lesson soon enough. I’m hoping that Caroline grows up and likes to work with people and doesn’t let her competitive spirit interfere with that.

2.) It fights childhood obesity. Obesity doesn’t run in my family, but introducing Caroline to outdoor exercise now will promote a healthy childhood and encourage more active play.

3.) It’s Fun. What kid doesn’t love to just run around? Well, mine does! And I can’t wait to see her interacting with other kids and jibber jabbering about who knows what!

Pictures to come and wish us luck tomorrow!


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