Guest blogger, Brenda Merritt shares with the world her journey from baby to bikini for a fitness competition coming up. I think most of you will remember her from her hot little competition photos a couple of months back! She’s at it again… you GO GIRL!

From Brenda, The Fitness Mama/Guru:

Alright moms before you start thinking I’m about to go strut my stuff at the local bar for some late night cash contest that’s not the case! Rather, I have made the lofty and terrifying decision to strap my contest heels on one more time for a NPC Bikini Competition. I competed in a dozen Figure and Bikini shows in the past but I will say I am hands down more terrified this time than ever before. I am not sure what brought me to this crazy decision but here I am, 12 weeks out and ready to chronicle my journey for the AMB readers! Talk about some major accountability!!

By show date, I will be 7 months post baby. 7 months. Wow, even as I type that it makes me reconsider my sanity!

As you moms know, things just aren’t quite the same after baby, certainly not just a few short months after! So I absolutely have my work cut out for me!

First things first is tackling nutrition. I am in outside sales and also have a five day work trip ahead of me. This means that planning, preparation and discipline will be key. My little Madden has a dairy allergy so he has helped me break my love affair with cheese already :). I am blessed to have the help of my amazing sister Melissa Merritt and encouragement of my husband Dave. Melissa has already sent me my initial nutrition program and next week we will discuss my training program. I plan on eating 5-6 small meals/snacks a day while doing the best I can at work lunches and meetings. My menu basically consists of the following foods:

Chicken, turkey, egg whites, oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus, spinach, peppers, avocado and peanut butter. And my most favorite meal- healthy pumpkin pancakes!! BONUS: recipe below!!

Next up will be the training. Life is different this go around. I am no longer single, and…well…there is this little man named Madden who rocks my world and comes first. NO Matter What! So I won’t be going to the gym when I could be spending precious minutes with him. My workouts will come before he wakes up or during lunch and will be an hour, tops! No more two a days!

So there is the challenge. To be better than I was before with a more demanding schedule and less time to train. No big deal, right! Honestly, I am not doing this for a trophy or a placing (well I am pretty damn competitive but it always sounds good to say that), but I am doing this for myself, my hubby and Madden. My favorite part of being on stage before wad hearing all the little ones cheer for their mommies! And although Madden won’t quite be able to cheer for me yet he will be there, and that’s all that matters! (Unless of course it conflicts with nap time:) So this is it, my swift kick in the booty to get back in shape! In better shape! Stay tuned for pictures and my next update when I am 8 weeks out!!

Healthy Pumpkin Pancake-

4 jumbo egg whites

1/3 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 tsp cinnamon (I actually just shake away so this is to taste Dash pumpkin spice

3 tbs baking Splenda


1/8th cup oats

Blend all ingredients except topping oats. Pour in small pan and sprinkle topping oats over pancake. Cook on low/medium heat until top is no longer runny. Do not cook too high or will be difficult to flip. Flip and cook an additional 2-4 minutes until cooked through. Cooking time and temperatures may vary.

Enjoy hot or cold on the run!


  1. I believe in you, Brenda! You have sheer determination and are very focused. I see it in your eyes, YOU CAN DO IT! You have the tools, now just do your best! Where is the competition?

  2. Way to go super Mom! You should grace us with your workout plan, or something similar so the readers can try and keep up. Allison, we should all start our own little competetion!! 🙂

    • Lindsey, as I sit here and read your comment I’m eating 2 tacos smothered in sour cream and cheese! I don’t think there’s any way in God’s green Earth I should be in a swimsuit much less a bikini competition!!!! I’m inspired by Brenda, but not enough to change my unhealthy eating habits 🙂


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