One of the most common e-mails we receive or questions on Facebook that we receive is if we know of a good Preschool in the area.  Well, my daughter Caroline goes to The Goddard School and we’ve been beyond pleased with our experience, so I (of course) always recommend them.

I don’t have all of the answers sometimes (I know—shocking! haha!), so I reached out to Butch Aggen, Owner of The Goddard School-Cedar Park and asked him a few questions to give you an inside scoop on all of the things that make their program exemplary.

What sets The Goddard School apart from other preschools in the Austin area?

  • Cedar Park location is the only private preschool and kindergarten in Texas accredited by both AdvanceEd (Southern Assoc of Colleges and Schools) and NAC (National Accreditation Commission).
  • In addition to the stringent reviews for accreditations noted above, our school has at least 2 unannounced quality assurance reviews each year by an independent Goddard Systems audit inspector.
  • Teachers are degreed, highly qualified and experienced
  • One of very few preschools utilized SMART board technology for classes beginning at 4 years.
  • Enrichment programs included in tuition such as Spanish, Mandarin, yoga, computer skills, music/movement, fitness and others.
  • Owner is on-site daily
  • Low teacher/child ratios

2.) What is The Goddard School’s policy on disciplining typical toddler behaviour like biting and temper tantrums?

Toddlers are handled with redirection.  Time outs are not permitted in our schools per Goddard System policy.  Many of our teachers have been certified by Love & Logic, a positive parenting communications program.

3.) Childhood Obesity is a growing concern amongst all parents, what does The Goddard School do to implement a healthy lifestyle and wellness?

Nutrition education is incorporated in our class enrichments at no additional charge.  Goddard Schools are required to comply with specific nutritional guidelines for snacks and catered lunch.  Most importantly, parents are encouraged to send a packed lunch for their child, assuring that specific nutritional and cultural preferences are met.

4.) How often to does Goddard evaluate student’s performance and milestone achievements?

At least every six months and anytime a child transitions to a new classroom, parents will have a parent teacher conference.  Parents may also request parent/teacher conferences more frequently.  Child portfolios are also provided that document milestone achievements for all classes.  Pre-K and kindergarten children also participate in a PC based academic assessment program done every 3 months that provides a detailed snapshot of the child’s school readiness.



If you’re interested in learning more about The Goddard School and their programs, visit their site and see which location is nearest you.

Also, in February, Goddard School’s nationally are hosting “Community Games” on Saturday, February 11.  Visit this link for times and locations nearest you.  We’ll be there!





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