Do you ever find yourself wondering where to go eat in this giant metroplex we live in? Well, you can turn any corner and find great local restaurants that would make your stomach happy BUT what good is a happy stomach when you could have an ecstatic one?

Exactly. Enter Tony C’s Coal Fired Pizza. Hands down the BEST pizza in Austin. I live with a bonafied pizza critic and he walked out of there!

Matt, Caroline and I went to Tony C’s on a Wednesday night. It was one of those nights where we didn’t feel like cooking, yet we wanted a quality meal.

Tony C’s is located in Bee Cave at the Hill Country Galleria next to the movie theater. When you walk in, you will see their awesome bar and doors that lead to an outdoor patio to your right, gelato to your left and seating ahead of you and upstairs. Tony C’s reminds me of a hip-New York restaurant but it’s here in Austin!

Like I said, we went to Tony’s on a Wednesday night and lucky for us, their specials are! $3 off appetizers, $2 off wells, bellinies, wine by the glass and 23 oz drafts and $1 off pizza slices.

We ordered garlic knots (hopefully no one from CrossFit is reading this…) and a 12″ pizza. While we were waiting on our meal, we enjoyed our happy hour drinks and our $2 appetizer! There were families surrounding us so we felt very comfortable having our little lady even though the environment would be perfect for a date night, too. Tony C’s has an array of kid’s dishes, but our hungry girl was craving chicken nuggets so our server accommodated us by bringing a chicken parmesan breast. Worked like a charm.

Not too long later, our beautiful pizza arrived. I’ll use my husband’s words since he’s the pizza lover in our family, “It was delicious!,” “It was great!,” and “I remember it being really good!” Yes, all of those descriptors in less than one minute. It’s hard to put into writing what makes a pizza good, but it just was. It wasn’t greasy, the crust wasn’t sooo thick that you’re full on bread and the toppings were spreadout to where every bite was full of meat.

After we wrapped up our meal and asked for our ticket, we were pleased with the cost: $29.99. We couldn’t remember the last time we all ate for less than $30.00!

All in all, I give Tony C’s Coal Fired Pizza a Five Rattle Rating because it was family friendly, affordable and delicious!

AND we loved it so much that we want one lucky ready to enjoy it, too!! Stay tuned for a giveaway in the next couple of weeks!


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