Alrighty…the contest is here!  As I mentioned in the contest announcement post, I wanted to flatter the Huffington Post by creating something wildly similar for our Austin mamas.  Well…creating a bracket sounds MUCH easier than it is.  With the help of my handsome hubby, we found a web site that would help us put ALL SIXTY FOUR names into bracket form but then we realized we’d have to retype every night and that wasn’t going to fly so I had to write them in.  So…without hesitation I present to you the beautifully handwritten Best Baby Name in Austin Bracket!


1.)  You have TWO days to vote for the first round, after that, I will re-publish an updated bracket with new voting and continue on until we reach the final round on Thursday.  You will only have one day to vote in subsequent rounds.

2.) That’s really the only rule.

Girl Names

[poll id=”5″]

[poll id=”6″]

[poll id=”7″]

[poll id=”8″]

[poll id=”9″]

[poll id=”10″]

[poll id=”11″]

[poll id=”12″]

[poll id=”13″]

[poll id=”14″]

[poll id=”15″]

[poll id=”16″]

[poll id=”17″]

[poll id=”18″]

[poll id=”19″]

[poll id=”20″]

Boy Names

[poll id=”21″]

[poll id=”22″]

[poll id=”23″]

[poll id=”24″]

[poll id=”25″]

[poll id=”26″]

[poll id=”27″]

[poll id=”28″]

[poll id=”29″]

[poll id=”30″]

[poll id=”31″]

[poll id=”32″]

[poll id=”33″]

[poll id=”34″]

[poll id=”35″]

[poll id=”36″]

Happy Voting!



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