When you learn of your 1st pregnancy, you can’t help but be excited and instantly start thinking of all the fun things you can buy! And since it’s your first baby, God forbid if he or she has anything but the best and newest! I mean you might be thinking a hand me down item is dirty, stained, 1/2 broken (sometimes that’s true), or you might just think you are SO above a hand me down.

Well I’m here to tell you how worth the hand me downs are! My sister who is 9 ½ years older than me saved every single item she ever purchased for her now 8 year old son. I mean everything from underwear and socks to Leap Frog toys and baby furniture. I understand that not everyone is as fortunate as me with having a sibling who hoards like my sis, but seriously take what you can get from people! Especially when it comes to the infant clothes, because they grow out of everything so quickly!

Yes, we got lots of new stuff for my son and decorated his room with my style rather than how my sister decorated her son’s room, but I got everything I possibly could squeeze out of her. And now every time I go to visit her we go up in the attic, pull out a big bin of clothes, and Lincoln is set for the next 6-12 months! And if a toy has just had enough and isn’t worth trying to fix, I don’t feel bad throwing it away because it’s 8 years old.

For all you new or soon to be moms that think you want everything brand spanking new, trust me, you will be boxing it all up before you know it! Take it from me, hand me downs rock!


  1. Just for the record, I’m not a hoarder I just simply can’t part with that which my little boy has worn. And seeing Lincoln in his clothes reminds me of my precious little stinker at that age. So thanks Allison for letting me see them worn all over again. 🙂


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