So riddle me this: if we’re trying to get something OUT of our kid’s nose, why do we stick something UP it?

From the moment the hospital handed me a bulb nasal aspirator– and a newborn on which to use it– I wasn’t quite sure what to do, well, with either of them. 

I finally got the hang of the newborn, but just never fell in love with the bulb aspirator. Every time I tried to use it, it made the situation worse . . . I was just shoving boogies up onto her little nose and terrorizing her in the process, all the while hoping I was actually using it right and not about to send a burst of air straight to her brain. And once the little boogers (presumably) make it into the bulb, well, they just stay there . . . forever?

I then somehow stumbled upon an entirely different style of nasal aspirator– the snot sucker. Yes, you put this little sucker (pun intended) up to your kiddo’s nose (not up it, which is nice for them AND you), and suck as hard as you can, hopefully shooting a boogie into the little casing. It’s disgusting. And awesome. Like popping a zit . . . a zit that makes your baby breathe better!

So you have perhaps heard of the Nosefrida, the most popular of the sucker-style aspirators. I actually purchased the BabyComfyNose ($14 from Amazon) because it doesn’t require filters (you just shove a little tissue paper in there to make sure you don’t shoot a booger down your throat. Nice). And I absolutely love it. My family was horrified when I brought it on vacation for V’s very first cold, but by the end of the trip my older sisters were wishing they had their own when their kids were younger.

Good job, mama.

It has now become one of my go-to shower or baby gifts, often because I know the mama would probably never think to put it on her registry . . . Or because she doesn’t realize that when its all said and done, she won’t blink an eye at sucking snot out of baby’s nose. Especially if she knows it will make that baby breathe (read: eat, sleep) better– and all without shoving anything up that precious little nose. Although your little one will still probably act like its torture, unless she’s like mine and sometimes holds it up to her nose and laughs. You know, it is pretty funny. But it works!

*Great news, mamas! BabyComfyNose actually holds a weekly drawing to give away a FREE aspirator! Enter here! And let us know if you entered so we can send you good vibes to win!!!*


  1. Ahhhh, I hate that bulb!!! My youngest was a few months old by the time I saw the “snot sucker” and I was too chicken to try it. I have major issues with stuff that come out of noses and a terrible gag reflex so I was afraid of what might happen if I tried this. Now after reading your post I think I would try it with future princess 🙂 Good job Jess!

  2. So  So, I totally want one of these!  I am preggers with baby #2, so it will come in handy.  I entered the contest – but wondering if you get yours in Austin?  Is there a shop that sells them?  The store locator on their site didn’t show any locations within 50 miles of me (North Lake Travis area).

    • I wish I could say I shopped locally but this was an amazon purchase. Fingers crossed you win one!! Let us know!! Hope you love it.

  3. I have never tried the nose sucker but I must say I’m pretty good with the bulb. I just spray some saline first wait a few seconds and the boogers just come on out! My girls don’t normally mind unless they’re tired. But the sucker is something to consider if your kiddo hates the bulb! I guess I lucked out… Or my kids had no choice!


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