Last week you heard from Vanessa and this week, it’s Allison’s turn. Remember, we’re looking to feature moms like YOU so be sure to e-mail [email protected] if you’d like the spotlight!

Were you “ready” to become a parent when you did?  Was it planned? Obviously I was physically ready, but Wesley and I were nowhere near ready to start a family. We weren’t married, which I believed should come first. We were living in a one bedroom tree house, as Wesley liked to call it, and we by no means had babies on our mind. But boy oh boy, did this little whipper snapper totally change our lives for the better!

Favorite place in Austin to spend the day with your family? We spend a tremendous amount of time at our home. We’ve got a great backyard for Lincoln to take advantage of and with all of the new outdoor projects that come with a new home, we relish our weekends in our new pad.(Ps. It’s winter in this picture so our grass is deader than a doornail).

Favorite kid friendly restaurant? I swear I feel at 19 months old there is nothing kid friendly! He’s at the stage where he tries to crawl out of his high chair, throws food on the floor, screams for the heck of it, and forces everyone in any restaurant to stare in our direction. About the only place we make an exception to take Lincoln is Maudie’s. I’ve blogged about my love for Maudie’s before and I remain faithful. I could care two toots if people stare at my tantrum-throwing kid, because I’ve got a margarita in one hand and chips and queso in the other.

Favorite date spot? Some might expect me to say, Uchi… and while I am a glutton for Uchi my actual favorite “date” spot is Alamo Drafthouse. I’m always getting barked at by Wesley when we do movie night at home for the volume being too high, but at Alamo Drafthouse they set the volume and it’s LOUD! And I LOVE it! And Wesley can’t say a damn thing! And there’s wine! And there’s pizza! And no matter if the movie blew or not, the experience remains the same… TOTALLY AWESOME!

Your biggest guilty pleasure?                                                                                          Wine. I love ALL wine, but I’m especially fond of red wine… Becker Vineyards is by far my favorite but most of the time I drink it straight from a box! Classy, I know 🙂 

If you could snap your fingers and talk to your pre-married/mommy self, what would you say? Allison, before you ever decide to settle down and have children you need to make sure you buy everything in life you could ever imagine wanting for yourself. Picture yourself 20 years from now and do your best at deciding what it is that will tickle your fancy, because I promise, you will never ever ever buy anything for yourself again and something like new mascara that you splurged on at the grocery store is what will make your post-baby day. Oh and Allison, you may not realize it now, but there is someone in life that you will meet that you would literally take a bullet for and the funny thing is, he/she won’t even know your name. 

What is the beauty product you never leave home without? I cringe at the thought when I’ve made it somewhere without my face cleaner. I’ve used Pond’s Cold Cream for as long as I can remember… so has my mom and my grandmother.

What baby product do you never leave home without (other than diapers and wipes for those of us with wee ones)? I always forget something! And typically it’s that thing I forgot that I desperately need. My baby bag is always unorganized, filled with old receipts, an empty hand sanitizer bottle, a separate diaper and wipes bag that is typically empty, and milk from the day before. Somehow we manage, but there isn’t any one thing that I JUST CAN’T leave home without.

What are three things you always have with you? My phone, Lincoln (I know he’s not really a thing, but I’m seriously VERY rarely without him), my diaper bag and all that it encompasses, and I’ll do a 4th since Lincoln is “technically” a person not a thing… so my 4th thing I always have with me is my wedding ring.

What is one thing you could work on in your relationship now that you have kiddos? I absolutely love to curse and so does my husband! I feel like it punctuates and emphasizes what I’m trying to say… and for all you non-cursing folks out there that just think we are uneducated since we choose profanity rather than a Webster’s Dictionary word… you’re wrong. With that said, it’s seriously something we need to work on in our relationship, because we are both guilty.

Your hardest parenting moment so far? Not wanting to [email protected] SLAP the HEB checker for asking me not once, but twice if my child was still eating jarred food as she bagged his jarred food. When I replied “yeeeeees” she just looked at me in amazement and said “hmmm”. UGH! RUDE! But seriously, it’s all hard… as parents, we are responsible for shaping these little beings into something amazing! And while they are who they are in one breath, our decisions will affect them forever.

Biggest surprise about parenting so far? I mean I knew my son would be cute, but I didn’t realize exactly how cute he’d be! I wish I had something more monumental to say here, but I’m seriously surprised at how completely perfect he came out! His perfect nose, perfect eyes, now perfect head, perfect skin color, perfect hair, etc. Even his imperfections (cough cough, my big ole ears) are THE cutest things I’ve ever seen. So I guess in short, the biggest surprise is the amount of love I now have for someone else.

Where do you see your family in five years? I see Lincoln as an almost 7 year old attending Hudson Bend Elementary School (holy crapola that’s surreal to type)! I see us still living in our current house, and I see us busting at the seams because our family has grown!

More kids? Will you try again? Absolutely. It’s no secret I want more kids and if I had it my way, we’d have 4… 3 boys and 1 girl. Typically I get my way in my marriage, but we’ll see what the future holds and how everything unfolds.


  1. I laughed out loud at your mascara comment because I just clipped a coupon for mascara….I have been saying In need to throw out the old one and replace it for about 4 months. 


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