These days, mamas often plot clever ways to unabashedly and joyfully announce their pregnancies on that Mothership of TMI . . . Facebook. If you have a little secret of your own that you are looking to share, let us give you a few ideas on letting the cat out of the bag.

Any I Love Lucy fan gets teared up when Lucy tells Desi (and the world) that she is expecting (or, enceinte, French “expecting”– CBS wouldn’t allow them to use the word “pregnant” back in 1952!).


No one can deny the visual power of the positive pregnancy test. I’m not going to lie, though, it scares me because I know you’ve peed on it, your dad knows you peed on it, your partner’s coworkers know you’ve peed on it . . . okay, maybe I’m immature but I still giggle at the Clearblue “most advanced piece of technology you will ever pee on” ad. It also tells me you are so early in your pregnancy that you might want to keep it under wraps for a bit. You’ve obviously never suffered the emotional agony of a miscarriage. But hey, don’t let me be a buzzkill! Just maybe take a pic of just the little lines, and not the whole stick. 😉 There’s also the sonogram pic. Cute. Cuter when it just suddenly shows up as your new profile pic.


Remember when status updates used to be short little phrases? Well words still have power even in today’s Facebook world of pictures and videos (and blog plugs, what what??). One of my favorites I saw recently simply said, “Jeremy and Christel are expanding their home by two feet.” Stop it. Shut up. That is adorable. And sooo worth the 75+ “likes” it got. Other ideas:

– ” has bid adieu to her toes and will see them again in mid-February.”

– ” is barefoot and  . . . ”

– “is unsure of the proper etiquette for announcing a pregnancy on Facebook, but at 20 weeks thinks it is probably about time.”

– “OvBUNen.”


That last idea takes us to photo announcements we have seen recently.

Subtle, yet classic! The best part . . . the-daddy-to-be was tagged as the little bun. Don’t forget to let him in on the fun!

Probably the most common we’ve seen include a “Big Sister” and “Big Brother” t-shirts. These, however, are not limited to just a human older sibling!

I have to say my absolute favorite I’ve seen lately comes from a cute couple that is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their future little cowboy or cowgirl!

And don’t forget, if you are being shy, you can always give the daddy permission to blab! Our favorite? “What do Eileen and this jar of marinara have in common?”

And just one more, in case you want to be super official like these parents-to-be (and photographer Marie Elbert!):

So did you share your pregnancy on Facebook??? Or is better to keep things under wraps? What other ways have you seen?



  1. Love the post Jessica.  It was hard to come up with something creative to announce to the world our exciting news.  Mine is the last one and I want to make sure to give credit to my wonderfully talented mom, Marie Elbert (not Albert), my photographer!  But it looks like Marie Albert has some great ideas too!

    • Oh oops! Sorry!! Such a cute idea! I tried to find your mom’s website and couldn’t . . . Of course I had a toddler trying to get the iPad at the time, lol. Do you have the link? And where is she located?? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I was “technically” single in terms of that little box I have to check (unwed) and I was still over the moon to announce my pregnancy. There’s only a stigma if you allow one. Babies are gifts (cliche, but SERIOUSLY gifts) and you should be excited regardless of your relationship status. And if the baby’s father doesn’t want to participate… His loss not yours. Don’t feel badly for the man he can’t be.

      • it’s just that my parents gave me a talking to about posting about it and expressed their disapproval of announcing it on FB…. I am just so torn…. and I have no idea how to announce it in a tactful way….all the people i went to school with and church i grew up in….just don’t wanna shock everyone with pictures of a newborn…I also don’t want to say that I agree with the way i went about things but I’m not ashamed of the life i have growing inside of me….i’m ashamed of the bad choices i made before but I dont know how to say that and also say, hey, i messed up, but i’m not ashamed, i’m moving on and you should too…lol


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