Daddy and 5-Day Old Caroline Grace

What was your initial reaction when you find our you were going to be a daddy?
A little bit of shock. It wasn’t anything we had discussed and we weren’t planning to have a baby at the time, so I didn’t see it coming. After the initial shock passed, I was definitely excited. I felt like I reached an important milestone in my life and I was really looking forward to becoming a father.

What is one thing you could work on in your relationship with your wife?
I think we have a great relationship.  We have amazing and open communication, we’re raising one of the most perfect little girls in the world and I don’t think we have much to work on EXCEPT that I am going insane watching her TV shows…The Bachelor, The Voice, HGTV…I can’t take it anymore…so in short…we could work on watching TV in our own spaces. BUT in all seriousness, we all have things we could work on and one thing we could work on is being more accepting of constructive criticism in our relationship.  We both get very defensive when weaknesses are pointed out and it’s counterproductive.

What has been the biggest surprise about fatherhood? 

Where did all of my free time go? Raising kids is a non-stop commitment. Not that I didn’t know that. But you really appreciate “me” time you had before the kiddo came along. And, I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much of it.
What is your biggest fear as you raise your child?
I’d say the biggest fear is that I’m not prepare her enough for what lies ahead. It seems like you can’t waste a day in making sure your kids don’t fall behind academically, athletically, socially, etc. I feel like we are doing enough to keep her up to speed at this point, but there is no time to let off the gas pedal.
If money was no object, what do you think your wife would like as the ultimate appreciation gift?
A real honeymoon.  We planned to take a trip to New York, but I was called for an interview in Austin, so instead we road tripped it to the Capitol City from Dallas and although it was nice…it wasn’t exactly an escape.  Vanessa did enjoy a spa day at Milk and Honey though.
Enjoying the February sun at Zilker!

What’s your idea of a perfect family activity in Austin?
Anything outside. The weather is perfect in Austin and there are so many outdoor options. You might as well live somewhere else if you are going to sit at home on the couch on the weekends. Except the weekends that fall between September and February. Football season doesn’t count.

What “pregnant woman” stereotype did your wife fit?
She was always sick. Threw up after every meal, it seemed like. She also had a craving for ice from Sonic. Not sure what that was all about and loved taking pictures of herself to show off “how big she wasn’t!”
Are you ready for more kiddos?
Mentally…soon. Financially, probably never. Kids are a money pit.
If you could snap your fingers and talk to your pre-daddy self, what would you say? 
I’d tell myself to stop spending all that money on Jager Bombs and 2am pizza and save some for your kid. It would go along way to paying for preschool and diapers.




  1. Nice work my friend! ‘Jager Bombs and 2am pizza’- hahah- just think if we had all that shot money now in one lump sum!


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