What was your initial reaction when you find out you were going to be a daddy? Scared $hitless- but extremely excited & vulnerable all at the same time. The initial reaction fueled me to be ready for our bundle of joy in every way possible.

What is one thing you could work on in your relationship with your wife? Probably a little more romance- which equals more wine and massages. I could probably cook more and come home a little less drained from the day job.

What has been the biggest surprise about fatherhood? That I’m the softie- I have so little tolerance for people but here I am the patient, understanding softie with Lincoln.

What is your biggest fear as you raise your child? That I won’t be able to give him the ‘edge’ in life. I want to guide and coach him to be the best person he can be, but can’t help worrying that I will forget his homework someday or forget to teach him something or that I’ll be so involved he’ll hate me!

If money was no object, what do you think your wife would like as the ultimate appreciation gift? A pool, a Range Rover, outdoor lighting, boobs, another child, a credit card with no limit and a house in Maui and Vail would probably sum it up.

What’s your idea of a perfect family activity in Austin? At Lincoln’s current age, it’s swings, throwing Dada’s ‘wrocks’, walks in parks, playing with Rigby in the backyard and riding in his ‘vroom vroom’. So our perfect day is spent in Lakeway enjoying our quiet street.

What “pregnant woman” stereotype did your wife fit? She was highly emotional/serious about ‘nesting’ and loved sweets, other than that she was the most beautiful she’s ever been- And believe me I’ve seen her grade school pics! ha

Are you ready for more kiddos? This is an extremely hot topic in the Mack household at the moment- we both agree we want to have more kiddos- it’s just a matter of when. Do we try now and POW we are preparing for a new arrival in 2012? Or … do we enjoy our little family and give Lincoln all the attention and try later in the year, or the next, or the next? It’s really a immense decision no matter when we decide the right time is- we’re fully engaged on this subject currently.

If you could snap your fingers and talk to your pre-daddy self, what would you say? I would probably say ‘chill out dude it’s all going to work out’!



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