We all need to escape the chaos and madness every once and a while. I’m willing to bet that most you reading this don’t do it often enough, and if you do buzz off er good for you. Time away from the kids, the husband, the job, laundry, dishes, cleaning, errands, projects, etc is just what is needed sometimes. I used to be terrible about taking time away from my family have time with girlfriends, when I say terrible I mean it really never happened. I think as a mom it is easy for us to feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves. Whether it is for a pedicure, night out with the girls, a movie alone, or hell even a trip to the dentist, we put everyone first before us. I was guilty of it, not sure when it changed but one day I decided I was going to be selfish every once and a while. I am fortunate to have an amazing husband that thinks it is great when I venture out and do things for myself. He encourages me to have girl’s nights. {Aw, he is sweet huh!} So now I do and you should too. Us mama’s deserve it!!!! I am a much better mama when I get an escape every now and then, keeps my sanity in check.

When you do get away with your girlfriends what do you like to do? Us AMB mama’s share our favorites and/or wishes…


My BFF and me at the Favorite Things Party

What sounds fun to me all depends on my mood and how chaotic things are at Casa de Krause. Most of the time dinner (preferably sushi) and drinks combined with a lot of chit chat and possibly some shopping is pure bliss!!! I love meeting friends at the Domain, it is the perfect place for eating, drinks, and shopping. I even hosted a “Favorite Things Party” with a few girlfriends at Sushi Zushi in The Domain a couple months ago, it was so much fun that I plan on doing it again over the summer. {Brief summary of Favorite Things Party: there were 6 of us, we all brought 5 of our favorite things, I made goodie bags for everyone, and we passed out our goodies, ate sushi, drank champagne, and laughed our butts off. I got the idea HERE. Have one…it was a blast!}

On those other kind of nights where I get a wild hair 😉 I want to drink vodka, wear sexy heels, dance, and laugh till I cry with my girlfriends. There is something very therapeutic about dancing the night away. I want to drink enough to be crazy, but not have a hangover the next day. Those kinds of nights are some of the most memorable that friends and I still laugh about.

When life is too busy for us all I will say that I love hanging out with my neighborhood girls at one of our houses and drinking wine or champagne and chatting, we usually do it on a week night after all the kids are in bed. I will take what I can get 😉

Vanessa: Being the newbie to Austin, I don’t really have a favorite spot for a Girl’s Night Out quite yet. Since I don’t have a place in mind, I will tell you the elements I’m looking for and maybe you experts can throw a girl a suggestion.  I don’t want to have to wait an hour to sit at a tiny table that doesn’t allow for full body laughter, I want there to be great music in the background, I don’t want to see a kid (period.), I want reasonably priced drinks (so I can have multiple) and good food is optional. I just want to escape, have a super fruity cocktail and laugh for hours–pretty simple, huh?


I am so busy trying to pack and get ready to move that I can’t even process a girls night out, although I am in dire need of one! Right now if I had any spare time at all I would love to catch a yoga class. Might sound boring to some, but to have 60-90 minutes of peace and find my happy place sounds like a small piece of heaven right now. But since I did just write about making sure you have friends for yourself, I will give a good social idea: a Painting 101 class with ATX Art Classes which would be super fun with some friends (and a BYOB bottle of wine or two!). Oh my goodness, I really am boring! But if I stay up late dancing and drinking, I’m just going to regret it when my little rooster crows at 6:30 am.


My favorite girl’s night out (which rarely happens) is going downtown (which rarely happens), eating somewhere downtown (which rarely happens), and going out to some bars to either have some cocktails or dance our booties off (something that almost never happens). Obviously, all things encompassing downtown AUSTIN!!! Since I’m tucked into Lakeway and have zero excuse to take my son “into the city”, that’s where I want to be when I get the chance to have a girl’s night. I want my husband to have low expectations of me being home early, I want to drink too much, dance too hard, and have aching feet the next morning from my 5 inch heels that have collected dust on them.

That’s not too much to ask, right?

Allison at her ultimate girl’s night out, bachelorette party, with her gal pals… {do you spot, Vanessa?} Allison’s bestie was prego!

 So, tell us what your idea of the perfect girl’s night is? How often do you take that much needed time away?



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