Do you ever wonder if your neighborhood has a mind of its own? Yeah, us either! Go with it for a minute though and think to yourself, “what would your neighborhood say if it could talk”? That’s precisely what the Austin Moms Blog team did today. Potential Austin Mommy, Summer asked about neighborhoods in Austin so each of us decided to interview our neighborhood and/or area of town that we live in. Here’s what they had to say!

Allison’s Neighborhood:

I was ONCE considered the retirement village of Austin with nothing but golf cart and Cadillac driving, boat owning, airplane flying, enthusiasts calling me their “retirement community”. I’m Lakeway! Now I’m home of the 5 time {consecutive} winning State Football Champions, the Lake Travis High School Cavaliers! About 20 minutes from downtown Austin, I am tucked away in the hill country away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lakeway is known for it’s gorgeous views, property taxes, prestigious schools, the Hill Country Galleria {think lots of shopping and lots of eating}, crazy stay at home moms {Allison is one of them}, Lake Travis, golfing, Whole Foods, its airport, wildlife, rolling hills, AND FOOTBALL, duh! I’m a great place to call home, an even better place to raise a family, a place to retire, and a place to relax. Lakeway is all about a sense of community, family, education, and FOOTBALL!!

Lisa D.’s Neighborhood:

I’ve always wanted to hear the loud screams, commotion and begging for water that comes from having neighborhood children at my house. Well, I finally got that when I moved to Lakeway from Houston. I was always nervous to let my kids play outside, unsupervised, and arranging playdates which turns out is much more than a hassle than you’d think. Once school finally started, my kids met many of the neighborhood kids. They wanted to ride the bus which worked out for me too because I met the amazing moms of those neighborhood kids while waiting for the bus. My kids play outside on their scooters and bikes and the all kids bounce from one house to the next until they are finally pretty exhausted or until the parents call them in (the last one usually happens more often than not). Lakeway is the biggest small town I’ve ever lived. I can go to the grocery store, CVS, pediatrician, post office, Target or even Wendy’s without packing a picnic basket. In Houston, everything is so spread out, but here in my little community, I’m a hop, skip and a jump away from everything I need. The most important part though being that my kids are super stoked about the newest found independence, which they honestly probably never would have experienced in Houston!

Vanessa’s Neighborhood:

I’m “No man’s land.” Seriously, you’ve heard of the Bible belt in Lubbock, I’m the apartment belt of Austin. Nestled away off 620 between Anderson Mill and 2222 you’ll find me and my fellow row o’ complexes lined up. Need to get downtown? No prob–three ways to get there 45 minutes each. Need to get Suburban Austin (Lakeway, Jollyville, Cedar Park)? You’re a hop, skip and a jump away. People like living in my neck of the woods because it’s affordable, but if I could talk, I’d tell families to pay the extra $$ and live in a family-focused area and away from the Concordia beer pongers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the worst place to live. Between Apple Sport Imports and Rudy’s Barbecue there are a couple of neighborhoods that look decent, but don’t add me to the top of your list.

Lisa C.’s Neighborhood:

Hearing the name Brentwood may conjure images of O.J. Simpson and bloody gloves. But instead of mansions and Kato Kaelin, you’ll find me full of bungalows and tree-lined streets. Bordered by Burnet on the West and Lamar on the East, I’m conveniently located to downtown and most major freeways. A lot of my houses are 2-bedroom and 1-bath but for a family of three who just relocated, I’m the perfect place. My park is beautifully maintained and I’m home to Austin’s famous Arroyo Seco Luminaria Display at Christmastime. Within my boundaries, you’ll find a H-E-B and a Walgreen’s, as well as numerous boutiques along the recently-revitalized FM 2222 (W Koenig Lane.)  I have a lot of families with small children living here, as well as lots of dogs. So don’t let the name fool you. The only drama and intrigue you’ll find in my Brentwood is whose beers are on tap this week at Thunderbird Coffeehouse

Allena’s Neighborhood:

Welcome to Suburbia, a.k.a. Pflugerville.  All you will find here are grocery stores (although 1 of the best HEBs in ATX), schools and starter homes.  Sure there are some cute boutiques and great restaurants, but given almost everyone leaves during the day to make the 15 mile but 45 minute trek to downtown, it’s pretty desolate during the day.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a great place to start your ‘adult life’ as all my homes are extremely affordable and usually pretty darn cute!  I’m also very pfamily pfriendly (are you catching on to my town slogan?) with an expanding library, great swimming pool and splash park scene, huge local park, great German heritage and I have the honor of being the town behind the Dillon Panthers of ‘Friday Night Lights’!  We might be stuck between a rock and a weird place, but you can’t beat that Pflugerville Pfeeling.

Katie’s Neighborhood:

Ah, good ole Avery Ranch, oh so similar to the fictional community of Pleasantville.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not over the top quaint, but this 1800 acre, Hill Country setting has a homey feeling that features lakes, creeks, streams, and an award winning golf course.   You want neighborhoods, we are pushing neighborhoods!  Avery Ranch has distinctive niches for every type of family and interest.  Featuring multiple builders, multiple neighborhoods, and homes ranging from townhomes to large family homes, we are a neighborhood that screams families.  You don’t have a family….get out.  Not really, but the community of Avery Ranch has been planned for families to help to get to know one another through running trails, walking, swimming or playing at an abundance of parks..  Out of diapers…..there should be multiple homes within walking distance that will have a ready supply.  If not, this community located near Parmer Lane and RR 620, is stock full of every amenity, whether it is grocery stores, great restaurants, and the family staples of Ikea, Target, HEB, and a local Farmer’s Market.  Weekends are full of play dates, swimming, backyard barbeques, and getting to know your neighbors!

Elisabeth’s Neighborhood:

If a laid back, community oriented, lake town is what you’re looking for, then Lago Vista is the place for you!  I am located slightly North West of Austin, in the gorgeous Hill Country, tucked along the North Shore of beautiful Lake Travis.  With a population of just over 6,000 people, I am a great place to raise a family.  Despite our small population, I am full of excellent options for your family.  In addition to several parks (great to enjoy the lake with your family, and easy access to marina’s and other rentals that will make for a day of outdoor fun) and excellent schools, I offer an abundance of extra-curricular options for kids and adults.  From Fine Arts and Sports, to Tumbling and Martial Arts, there is no shortage of activities to keep the kids educated and entertained.  I am home to a plethora of wildlife ~ you are sure to encounter lots of deer right in your backyard!  But, one of my best attributes is that I offer the best of both worlds:  I am only a hop, skip and a jump away from all of the wonderful amenities that Austin has to offer.  A quick drive into Cedar Park, jump on the Metro and head downtown – without the traffic and parking! – and then, relish in the beautiful hill country views as you return to your quiet home on beautiful Lake Travis in growing Lago Vista!

Ashlee’s Neighborhood:

Close enough to Austin, but not too close for comfort you will find Cedar Park {North West of Austin}. I am full of so many amazing neighborhoods that you may have a hard time choosing which is your favorite, and you can find houses in pretty much all price ranges {from 200’s to mega $$$}. I have a great school district {Leander ISD}, am extremely family friendly, and have some awesome parks to play and/or get great exercise. A favorite park that gets a lot of buzz is Brushy Creek Park, it includes multiple play-scapes, an amazing running trail, a sports park that includes baseball and soccer fields plus a skate park, and a sprinkler park. I am a busy town and have pretty much everything you need, but if you need to venture into Austin or a neighboring suburb it is usually a quick and painless trip thanks to the 2 toll roads! One extra exciting tidbit about me is that hopefully in 2013 some hard working peeps will start building our very own Schlitterbahn Waterpark!! Woot woot! Cedar Park is definitely an amazing place for families, which is why Ashlee knew it was the perfect place for her family and she could not be happier!

Lots of Mommy’s are looking at making Austin their home and love our and your advice! So tell us, what would your neighborhood say about itself?



  1. This was fun to read! Living in Steiner Ranch without kiddos (yet!) has been funny….the first thing people ask is if we have kids and then turn away when we say we don’t….they just want to hook up for play dates! I know there are hoity toity families in the hood but we have found a great group of humble neighbors we love! The only bad thing is being so far from a gym! The one in Steiner is over $100 a month ugh…but we are close to HEB, Target, Wal Mart, etc.

  2. This was so fun to read! We recently moved to the Austin area and reside in Cedar Park. I love seeing all the hills and the canyon views our house offers us. Our neighbors are extremely friendly and we have a nice mixture of families with no children to children of all ages. Not at all like we had in AZ where we had met one neighbor in 10 years. No joke. I also, just wish we were closer to downtown and had a good yoga studio near by.

  3. Wow you got this up fast! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk about each of your neighborhoods. We will be moving to Austin next summer and I’m already starting to take a serious look into where we want to settle. We’ll have kids in all levels of school at some point so we want to find a place with good all around schools, a family friendly feel and hopefully affordable housing too.


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