I have officially been named Co-Room Mom in my son’s Kindergarten class.  And I am really excited about it!!!  Is that lame?  I am such a big nerd, I was completely anxious for two weeks waiting to find out if I was going to be picked!

At our school, on meet the teacher night, parents are asked to fill out an information form on their kiddo, and then are given the opportunity to volunteer in a lot of different capacities.  Naturally, I volunteered for everything.  Hudson is my first child going into school, and I am so blessed to have jobs that allow me to have a flexible schedule and/or work from home, so I am super excited to be an active member of Hudson’s kindergarten class.

And, if I wasn’t staying home with my kids and working from home, my dream job would be as a party planner.  So, being the homeroom mom just seemed like the perfect fit! 

Of course, since being chosen, I already found out that I’m behind.  Sigh.

I recently found out that one of the 2nd grade room moms has already sent a note home explaning the dates of all of the upcoming parties as well as a list of fun facts about their teacher.  Umm…I had no idea we were supposed to do that!?!?  So now I am stressed.  I knew I had to plan three parties, and had already volunteered a couple of times to help in the classroom for various duties (helping make gingerbread cookies and reading to the kids in the library) but now I am concerned that I am missing out on crucial duties and I, of course, want to be the very best room mom LVES has ever seen…so my research has begun.

My best friend, google, directed me to many websites, including Secrets of Successful Room Parents: Our Readers’ Best Strategies & Tips for Classroom Volunteers, and another gave me a Room Parent Checklist.  Further research tells me exactly How to Be a Room Parent

Room Mom 101

Now that I have an arsenal of information, I decided to turn to Pinterest (my other best friend!), and I am fairly certain I heard angels singing.  Holy cow!  So many fun ideas – that is what I am looking forward to!!!  I found this great website that is completely dedicated to fun Room Mom activities and ideas and even has a free eBook download.  I can’t wait to bring some of these ideas to fruition and channel my inner Martha Stewart.

So, I may be off to a slow start, but I am feeling good about what we have in store this year in our class.  I plan to be room-mom royalty before all is said and done, but I would love to have your suggestions! 

Have any of you ever been the homeroom mom?  Do you have any fun tips or tricks?  Any great suggestions on what to do or what not to do? 



  1. I am room mom every year for both of my kids and I love it too! I wouldn’t have it any other way. What makes it more fun is when you get to room mom with your friends, we always have so much fun. A mom recently recommended Volunteer Spot to me for sign ups etc instead of sending a ton of emails…I have looked into it but not used it yet. Check it out. I will be using it soon. Try not to stress and just stay on top of your emails etc. You will be great! And I am a party planning lover too 🙂


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