When I was out shopping, I couldn’t help but notice lots of women who either had a bulge on their backs in their tight tees from their bra band or boobs that were pointing more south than north. It was just a travesty! So, I decided to get professionally measured for my bras to ensure I was wearing the correct size and fit. Boy was I surprised at not only what size I actually am, but how many different types of bras there are on the market.

So I first went to Petticoat Fair in Austin. They measure right under your bust and right across it. At that store, I was a 32 F. I learned that cup size is relative to the band sizes. When you change into a smaller band size, you should usually also change into a larger cup size! (One band size down means one cup size up, i.e. 38C / 36D). Petticoat Fair’s bras are on the expensive side and can range from $70 up to $130. The fitting is free, however and the bras really are more comfortable but I attribute that to being the right size. I bought a couple and then off to Victoria’s Secret I went.

Again, the fitting is free however I measured a 34DD. In the stores, DD is the largest they actually carry however there are a wider range of sizes online. I bought a couple of VS bras too, simply because they are much cheaper ($60) and they have crystals and lace, which I love! Not the most comfortable bras but these are more for just looks than anything else.

I finished up by getting a fitting at Nordstrom, which again is free. Nordstrom carries a variety of sizes in the store and are priced somewhere between Victoria’s Secret and Petticoat Fair. I was a 34DDD at Nordstrom. I did however purchase one 32G which fits about the same. I’m sure you’re wondering why all the different sizes. My assumption is that the ladies at Petticoat Fair probably measured me correctly and each brand of bra runs a little differently especially the European bras which are typically carried by Petticoat Fair.

I love my VS bras, but really I don’t think they fit me quite as well as my Nordstrom bras which is where I now primarily buy them from. They carry a wider range of super pretty bras and I feel like they measured me much more accurately than VS.  In my VS bras, which could double as beenies because the cups are so big, I still have problems with the underwire digging in because the cup size is probably a tad too small. But still just so pretty not to wear!

One of the greatest things is that all of these stores, with the exception of Victoria’s Secret, sell bras specific to breastfeeding moms!

Below is a quick guide to help you find your perfect fitting bra without having to go to the store for a fitting.

It is riding up! If your bra creeps up in the back, it is badly fitted. The back-band shall be horizontal. When it creeps up, the band size is too big (and the cup size usually too small). This is the most common mistake women do when they choose a bra! Try a smaller band size.

Your bra cups runneth over. This is a classic wrong bra size symptom. If your breasts spill over the top or sides of your bra, the cups are too small. To easily discover this sign, simply put on a tight T-shirt while you are wearing your bra. If you see any bulges on the side of the cups or over the top of the cups, the cup size is too small. Try to go up (at least) one cup size.

Your bra cups dimple or wrinkle. This is a quite usual problem. It indicates that your cups are too large. Go down one cup size and check again.

The band is too loose. The band shall fit tight. If you are able to pull the band further than two inches away from your body (in the back), you are wearing a too large band size. Go down one band size (and one cup size up).

The bra band digs info your flesh (around your torso). A bra is supposed to fit tight, but the band shall not dig into your flesh. If it does, it usually indicates that the band size is too small. Try to change into a larger band size (maybe you also have to change into a smaller cup size while increasing the band size.

The straps cut into your shoulders. Usually, this is due to a too small cup size. Go up one cup size (maybe you also need to go down one band size). Sometimes this problem also can be caused by too small band size. In that case, increase your band size (but try to increase cup size first!).

The wire cuts into your breast (under your arms). If the wire cuts into your breasts, you are wearing a cup size that is too small. Choose a larger cup size.

The underwire is pushed away from your body between your breasts. If the underwire is pushed away from the body (making a gap between the wire and your skin), the cup size is too small. Choose a larger cup size. Sit down while trying a bra on, then you will find out if your bra is pulling away from your body.

So, how fast are you going to try on your bras to ensure you have the “right” fit??


    • I love Nordstrom and Petticoat Fair! I got my nursing bras from Nordstrom and they are such great quality! Victoria’s Secret gets you with their lace and crystals, but they honestly, aren’t as comfortable… save those for pillow talk 🙂

  1. Petticoat
    Fair is where it’s at. They measure properly. Also you can find all the
    brands they carry online as well. I bought a few Betsey Johnson bras
    there and then ordered two more off of Amazon.com for quite a bit less. Victorias
    Secret only measures to fit into their bras and I personally think
    their bras are uncomfortable. For someone who hates and has hated
    wearing bras since I needed to, getting fitted at Petticoat Fair and
    wearing the proper size has made a world of difference.

  2. Love Petticoat Fair! The bra I get there is also at Nordstrom’s and is $60. I was shocked when they sized me at how off I’d been in my sizing, but duh, my girls were definitely looking at the floor and not the sky. That problem has been remedied!

  3. The thought of a $70 bra makes me want to barf. I can get my nails AND toes done and leave a tip for $70. I get my bras at Target and they may not be the “perfect fit” but the keep the girls up and at ’em which is all I need out of a shoulder boulder holder (Beaches anyone?)


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