I’m not going to lie, Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays.  I feel like it’s just in the way of Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Regardless, as a mother, I feel like it’s part of my job description to make the house festive.  So, how can you spookify your house for less than $30 bucks…let me tell you!


1. Pumpkins.  Duh.

We bought our pumpkins from Bethany Methodist Church on Anderson Mill. The total cost was $18, but we gave them $20.  For $20, we got a big family pumpkin and three individual pumpkins.  This is something we’ve done each year  (decorated our own pumpkins) and we hope to keep the tradition alive as Caroline’s artistic skills develop.  I’m not big into carving, so we paint pumpkins in our house.  You’ll see as the blog continues that I have a spiderweb theme going on this year, so I opted to do a giant web on our big family pumpkin.  To decorate the large pumpkin I used fabric paint (.49 cents/bottle) and it took ten minutes <max>. The smaller one took a little while longer because I was having to shoo Caroline away from touching my dots!

2. Chalkboard Paint fixes everything.

We have a chalkboard in our kitchen that normally features the meals of the week, but for the next two weeks it will be the second spiderweb for the season.  This was free because I owned the chalk and the board and took less then two minutes to make.  If you’ve never free-handed a spiderweb before, it’s pretty simple. 1. Draw a circle where you want the middle of the spiderweb to live 2. Draw a bunch of lines that start from that circle, they can be straight or uneven, it’s up to you.  3. Draw lines connecting the lines you just drew. Voila!  I also used chalkboard paint to spray a $2.99 letter from Hobby Lobby that I had lying around.  I did the same spiderweb design on this and it lives on our guest bed for now.

3. Craft paint is F.U.N!

 You saw a little fabric paint on my pumpkin, but I also did a $3 dot pumpkin craft for fun.  Is it the most beautiful thing on earth? No…but I did it in 15 minutes and had I taken a bit more time to get it right, I think it’d be pretty darn cool. Here are the easy peasy steps.

1. Buy a $2.99 canvas from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

2. Find a Pumpkin shape you like

3. Trace said pumpkin shape with a tan crayon

4. Start painting over your traced pumpkin.  I used dots because I was going with a dot-theme this year, but you can do a straight line if you’d like.

5. Voila!




How have you spookified your house for Halloween?



  1. This is a great way to decorate pumpkins if you have little ones or if your hands are too shaky to be precise with your pumpkin carving. Thanks for the great ideas! If you want some other fun Halloween Ideas in Austin, check out this list: Austin Halloween Ideas


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