Happy Halloween!

Okay, so, I’m a day early.   But, in this house, we start talking about Halloween in August so we are beyond ready!   No seriously.  Does this happen to you?  Do your kids start thinking about their costumes and the candy and the parties before you’ve even bought all their school supplies?   Thankfully, my kiddos don’t seem to change their minds about what they want to be every ten seconds … once my daughter makes up her mind on something that’s it.  And my little two year old really didn’t care much … he let his sister pick out his costume and that was that.

Anyway … a few Halloween photograph tips.   The sun is setting earlier and earlier, which means that if you want to get a good photograph of your kiddo trick-or-treating, and you want some pretty light, you are going to have to take it around 6:30PM.   I know, it’s not dark yet and maybe your family likes to wait until it’s dark to start gathering candy … but if your kids are like mine, they are ready to go right around 3PM so they are likely to have their costumes on and ready to go long before 6:30P.   If you really don’t want them trick-or-treating because you feel it’s too early, just do one house for the photograph and then listen to your kiddo whine because you are waiting for dark.  Trust me, I know this from experience.

The best tip I can really give you is to get down on their level.  Sit on the ground to take their photograph.  Catch them peeking in their bag, get a picture of them ringing a bell, make sure you have a photograph of them holding hands with their siblings or father.   Think outside of the box and don’t just take a picture of them on your front porch holding their bags.


Last but not least … hand your camera to a friend or your hubby and get in the photograph with your kiddo. Don’t want your wrinkles to show?  Do my favorite trick, and smile the biggest smile you can … but at your child or at your spouse (or in the case below, at my dad). Works.Like.A.Charm.   This image is from 2010 and my dad came in town from Colorado to take my kids trick or treating and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I have this image.   The kids are clearly over having their photograph taken … but I love this image of me and my father.   Truth be told, I kinda wish the kids weren’t in this particular shot.   A few short months later my dad was in a horrific snow skiing accident and barely survived.  And I mean, barely.   If you know me in-real-life, you know that I have been forever changed from that accident.  Just thinking about it is bringing tears to my eyes … so it’s a story for another post when I feel like reliving those awful memories.  But, what I hope it conveys to you is that getting in the photograph can mean so much more than you will ever know.   Life can literally turn on a dime. So, don’t wait until it’s ‘family photo’ season to get in a photograph with the loves of your life.  Halloween is the perfect excuse …


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