Lisa recently blogged about her struggles with postpartum depression, and Ashlee shared this summer her experiences with postpartum anxiety.

I too struggled with postpartum anxiety after the birth of our son, Trent. To sum it up – it sucked. Royally.

I started doing research when Brent and I were talking about a second baby, and I read about placenta encapsulation. At first, I thought WTF? It seemed totally wacky. Then I read the benefits:

  • Help balance your hormones
  • Replenish deleted iron levels
  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Increase milk production
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable postpartum period
  • Increase your energy levels
My question changed quickly from ‘Who would do this?’ to ‘How can I get my placenta encapsulated?’ {grin} I was willing to try just about anything to avoid/lessen the experience I had during Trent’s baby days, and this seemed like it would definitely help! I talked up my plan to anyone and everyone I know. Some people thought {and still think} I’m crazy, some people thought it sounded great…I definitely got a spectrum of responses! Luckily, the only opinion I cared about was Brent’s, and he was totally on board. He thought it was a little weird, but since he lived through the dark days after Trent, he was game for anything too. 😉
My Happy Pills

After Drew was born, I got my pills within 48 hours and started them immediately. I can say without a doubt that I received every benefit mentioned. I have had some anxiety since Drew was born, but it has been so minor compared to what I experienced with Trent. What I have realized is I don’t adjust well to motherhood changes. I hate that I have a rough transition period. But I have had to face the fact that I do, and thank God I found placenta encapsulation so that it could be so much better!

There are actually several options in Austin for placenta encapsulation. The doula group I used during labor offers the service. April had hers encapsulated through her midwife at the Austin Area Birth Center.

What do you think about placenta encapsulation? Would you ever try it?



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