Caroline, Jackson, Herby and Tyce on the Sophie Train in CP

Before I get in to today’s post, we hosted Potty Training Boot Camp this weekend it was EX.HAU.STING. I’ll be blogging about this misadventure soon.

Moving on.

About a year ago, while enjoying Caroline’s Easter party at the Goddard School, I met Elizabeth Prom, Jackson’s mom. I actually didn’t meet her, but I gave her a stank eye because she was that mom with the awesome camera who made treats for the kids–overachiever–while I was lucky I showed up. Anyway, a few birthday parties and a month or so later, I planned a play date so that I could get to know this overachieving mama. It turns out, she’s a lot like me–a career woman who juggles a travel schedule and her family on a weekly basis. Well, over the past year, our school-based friendship has blossomed to a real friendship and the Prom Family has become an integral part of our life here in Austin.

A few months ago Matt and I were over at the Prom’s house just chatting about college costs and retirement…you know, all that fun chat that happens when a bunch of parents are in a room together, when I learned that Garrett (Jackson’s dad) owns and operates a financial planning business, Prominent Financial Planning (get it? PROMinent). And then, a couple of days ago I learned that Goddard School (where we send sweet Caroline) will be hosting a FREE event with Prominent that I thought was worth sharing with you all.

When: Wednesday, March 20 from 6:30 to 7:00 PM.

Where: Goddard School in Cedar Park

The presentation will cover:

  • What is a 529 College Savings Plan?
  • How does it work?
  • Why should I consider funding an account like this for my children?
Like many of you, we want to help contribute to Caroline’s higher education and would love to learn more about these plans. You are encouraged to RSVP by Sunday, March 17, 2013 if you plan to attend and if you will be needing childcare. You can RSVP on Prominent FP’s website at
While we were chatting with the Prom’s I learned that unlike other financial planners, Prominent FP does not sell 529 plans or any investment or insurance products. Garrett explained that his business was founded on the principles that personal and family financial advice should not be conflicted based on potential commissions. Instead, he focuses on his clients’ big picture financial situation and offers advice on what is best for them–which is nice to hear.
You can learn more about Prominent Financial Planing here: You can also take advantage of his “Ask Garrett” blog where he takes questions from the community.
You know us, we love to support local businesses, so we hope some of you can make it on March 20.


  1. I wish I was in Austin and could attend this! We have been talking a lot lately how we don’t even know where to start in trying to save for the boys’ college funds. Not like we have any money to put into a fund (seriously- not yet!), but someday we hope to be able to save up and provide as much as we can towards their educations.

    What a great opportunity to learn about this!


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