I very loosely thought about egg donation and surrogacy…mostly when I was a broke joke trying to pay back student loans after college. After knowing how much you can impact a family and help give life to a family who otherwise can’t, I’m almost inclined again! I say almost, because I’m past the point {age wise} for egg donation and I’m currently 9 {almost 10 months pregnant} and can’t begin to dream of being pregnant again right now.

Maybe you’ll feel inclined to help a family in need out after reading about egg Donor Solutions today!

Infertility…. what comes to mind when you hear that term? Most women know someone who has struggled with infertility or maybe have personally dealt with it. For two companies, Egg Donor Solutions and Surrogate Solutions they are blessed to be working with families to overcome the struggle of infertility everyday!

Many couples are faced with the decision of needing an egg donor because of early menopause, a genetic family disease, or chemo treatment from breast cancer (to name a few). Some couples searching for a surrogate have had a number of unexplained prior miscarriages, uterine or cervix complications, or are at risk for additional problems that could arise from carrying their own child. These intended parents look to caring, healthy women to help make their dream of having a family a reality.

These two sister companies have built relationships with fertility clinics in Austin and all over the country to focus on matching intended parents with compatible egg donors and surrogates. They are searching for moms who already know the blessing a child can bring to assist them in their journey to become parents.

Surrogate Solutions was founded by a nurse who was also a surrogate. They focus on matching surrogates/gestational carriers with couples they are compatible with. Surrogates must be between 21-45 and have had a healthy pregnancy(s) themselves. Surrogates are compensated $20,000-$40,000. You can visit www.SurrogateSolutions.net to learn more about their program or to apply.

Egg Donor Solutions prides themselves on working with caring, bright women who are looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life in such a simple and unique way. Being an anonymous egg donor is a short commitment. Each egg donor is compensated for their time of $5,500-$10,000 per cycle and can donate up to 6 times.

You can visit www.EggDonorSolutions.com to learn more about becoming an egg donor or to apply.

Infertility is a daunting reality for so many women today in the U.S. Surrogate Solutions and Egg Donor Solutions is committed to helping these women find solutions for the problems they face. We welcome you to see if there is a way you can make a difference in a women’s life by sharing this information with another women or considering being an egg donor or surrogate yourself.

Thoughts? Have you ever thought about donating your eggs or surrogacy?


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