The Caldwells and their favorite sausage-shaped motorized vehicle.
The Caldwells and their favorite sausage-shaped motorized vehicle.

We are beginning a new series here at Austin Moms Blog: a Q & A with the special men in our lives! Sure, this is Austin MOMs Blog, but we decided to let the dads behind the moms sound off.

First up is the always-eloquent Dr. Todd Caldwell, husband of Lisa Caldwell.

What was your reaction when you first learned you were going to be a daddy?

I was shocked and surprised. I was one-part happy and one-part scared.

What is one thing you could work on in your relationship with your wife?


What has been the biggest surprise of fatherhood? 

She. Doesn’t. Sleep. Also, I thought she’d be able to entertain herself more.

What is your biggest fear as you raise your child? 

That we’re going to screw her up and she’ll blame us.

If money were no object, what do you think your wife would like as the ultimate appreciation gift? 

Another bathroom (Lisa’s note: He nailed it on this one.)

What’s your idea of a perfect family activity in Austin? 

Going to a brewery that has a kid-friendly beergarden.

What “pregnant woman” stereotype did your wife fit?

She showed no boundaries when it came to food.

If you could snap your fingers and talk to your pre-daddy self, what would you say?

Your life as you know it is over! That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.

Stay tuned for future posts as we force all of our baby-daddies to answer these questions!


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