Seven weeks post baby, I can truly appreciate a workout plan. I am so lucky that I have my sister close by to not only remind me that I can’t quite wear a bikini {insert sarcasm}, but also to motivate me {as if the former isn’t motivation enough} to get my butt in the gym! We talk about working out, eating healthy, and all that jazz a lot on the blog, but today we have a real person giving us a REAL plan! Oh… and free money to 🙂

Unlike celebrities, we don’t all have personal trainers and chefs to help us stay trim and fit. If you want to drop the pounds, you’ve got to look toward the real people in your life who support you every day. Your friends!

With summer nearly here, Austin Moms Blog wants to help everyone get motivated and excited about losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Austin Mom and author, April Paine, has co-written a book with her longtime BFF, Stacey Wein, entitled 1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat. These moms (with 5 kids between them) show readers how they can pair up with a buddy and live a healthier lifestyle.

In need of a break from the yo-yo dieting roller coaster, the moms formed a weight loss system based on one simple tool: friendship. The weight came off, but even more importantly, the accountability between these moms meant the women started taking care of their psyches (less negative self-talk) as well as their bodies (less hurdle for the girdle).

The book is not only a guide to healthy living, but an invitation into the authors’ personal and humorous journal entries as they jiggle, jog and cajole each other. Laugh at their missteps, learn from their mistakes, and know you are not alone on this journey.

This is what the book offers:

Motivation—by detailing their journey from weight gain to weight loss, the authors are very convincing that buddy dieting is worth the effort.

Honesty—the two moms share their diet triumphs and failures through journal entries. Reading their honest accounts of muffin top tummies and too much cake, it shows readers that they’re not alone.

Accountability—with a “Healthy Lifestyle” contract for each diet buddy to sign, there is no chance that you can “forget” to make healthy choices.

Different Approach—Moms already know the pitfalls that occur when we try to do it on our own so this system shows you it can be different this time.

Laughs—the road to health and happiness should be paved with a few giggles to keep things light when we’re feeling like throwing in the diet towel.

Now is your chance to win 2 copies of 1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks (one for you and one for your buddy) + a $25 gift certificate to (you can decide whether or not to share that with your buddy!). Comment below with your exercise of choice for a chance to win!!!



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