Oh Ryan…you flatter me!

I wrote about wanting to try going ‘no poo‘ a while back. And to be honest, it took me a few weeks to work up the courage to actually do it. When I realized my maternity leave was dwindling down, I finally got up the nerve to go for it. I’ve now been going no poo for 4 weeks.

The good so far:

  • I had bad build-up before I started no poo. It’s one of the reasons I really wanted to try it. After just 1 or 2 washes, GONE.
  • My hair feels amazing.
  • My hair dresser couldn’t stop running her fingers through my hair and talking about how good it felt and smelt.
  • When it’s at its oiliest {my hairdresser reminded me it isn’t DIRTY just because there is extra oil}, my friends all swear it doesn’t look oily. That’s a big relief because by day 6 or 7…I’m feeling pretty gross.

The bad so far:

  • By day 6 or 7…I’m feeling pretty gross. While being fortunate right now and not having to go to work, I decided to go drastic to try and shock my hair a bit. I mostly have been washing my hair just one day/week. I have read other people’s stories that they got to where they only needed to wash their hair every few weeks (the rest of the time you just rinse your hair to get out sweat, dirt, etc.). I don’t think I’m going to be that fortunate since I do have to go back to work next week {SOB}, but I do think it looks really good for about 3 days which is definitely an improvement!

Overall, I’m loving no poo and definitely plan to keep it up!!

What’s the hippiest thing you’ve done for beauty?


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