Here at Austin Moms Blog we are always trying to bring you information for you or better yet, for a loved one! Today we have Foster Grant on the blog  launching their Crystal Vision Reading Glasses Collection!!!

Foster Grant is continuing to evolve as both a leading eyewear designer, and eye health advocate, with the launch of the Foster Grant Crystal Vision Reading Glasses collection.  This brand new collection features an advanced lens design that reduces eyestrain, while providing a more clear, crisp view.  The lenses even employ a brand-new, patent-pending technology that includes anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings and an advanced lens design that magnifies images!  These readers are truly in a league of their own.

The Crystal Vision collection is crafted to combat presbyopia, which is found commonly in adults 40 and over, and makes it a true task to read small prints.  Favorite pastimes like reading and surfing the web soon become a struggle.  With Crystal Vision Reading Glasses, tiny text is magnified and the eyes are allowed to focus on objects with greater ease- providing an overall more comfortable viewing experience.

The lenses even feature an anti-glare coating that makes viewing fluorescent lighting and bright computer screens less straining on the eyes.

This coating also features an anti-smudge layer that keeps the glasses clear and clean, and a durable lens material helps prevent annoying scratches.   With this durability, these glasses last far longer than other readers on the market.

As is the case with everything Foster Grant, the styles are not only high-quality and eye-health focused, but they are fun and fashionable!  Available in stylish designs and great colors for BOTH men and women, everyone will find a style they love!  The readers are available in six magnification strengths.

The Crystal Vision collection is rolling out in limited release, and can be found at select Walgreens and CVS stores in Austin!  For all you locals, head out to your closest store and snag a pair.  Hey, if Brooke Shields swears by them, you’ve got to give them a try!

To learn more, visit, or the Foster Grant Facebook page.


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