With football season around the corner, you know our city is about to be painted burnt orange (hook ’em!) While I’m a Longhorn fan, my main man is a Michigan fan so buying an awesome wreath from Etsy was not an option, unfortunately. Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 11.04.10 AMSo, I started racking my brain for ways that I could adequately display my college-football pride while not disrespecting my husband’s love of the University of Michigan. It was then that I remembered that our contributor, Kristen, posted this DIY Collegiate Canvas on her personal blog The Mrs. and The Momma, and I thought I’d put a different spin on in..enter DIY Collegiate Glitter Art in a frame.

The process was free (if you have glitter, construction paper and some frames lying around) and took less than fifteen minutes to create.  Here’s the rundown.


The first thing you want to do is make sure your tracing paper fits inside your frame.  If it’s bigger, you should cut it to size.  Then you’ll place your tracing paper over your logo.  I used my computer screen and Google to find the logo of my choice. (An alternative to this step is to print the logo of your liking and cut it out…we do not have a working printer ((it’s been out of ink for year))so this was not an option for me).

Steps 1-3

Then you’ll cut out the logo.  Next you’ll want to make sure that you cut the final paper (construction in my example) fits inside the frame.  Then you have to retrace the logo–seems redundant for those non-printer owners, but I promise it takes up no time.

Steps 4-6

The next thing you’ll do is put glue on sections of the traced logo and then sprinkle glitter on the area. I tried putting glue on the entire thing once and sprinkling like crazy and it didn’t come out very good.  The sectioned approach works best.  I’d also recommend clear glue, but I was going for FREE and things I already had, so I didn’t go get clear glue.

Steps 7-10

And there you have it, DIY Collegiate Glitter Art in less than 15 minutes! And if you really love your husband, you can make him one for his team, too…just put it in a girly frame to get even. These also make easy peasy gifts for any college-football lovers in your life.

DIY Collegiate Art


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