My husband and I have almost 20 anniversaries under our belt (both dating and married life), and most of those have been celebrated right here in our wonderful city of Austin!  The fact that we consider ourselves total foodies combined with the celebratory opportunity an anniversary presents, we’ve seen our fair share of special occasion spots around town.  Whether you’re new to the area or a native Austinite just needing some anniversary ideas, make sure you pin this post and save it for later….you’ll thank me, I promise!

1.  Eddie V’s—->For the no-brainer anniversary.  This restaurant is always spot on with both food and service.  Celebrate at Eddie V’s when your looking for a no-fuss, no-fail date with your hubby.  My favorite on the menu is the seared tuna!

2.  Jeffrey’s—->For the extra special, romantic anniversary dinner.  This place is all about the ambiance…ask the maitre’d for a private, tucked-away table and you’ll feel like you’re the only ones there.

3.  Chez Zee—->For the couple who has a tight schedule or can’t make it out for date night, hit up this Austin eatery to celebrate your anniversary at lunch!  Everything on the menu is just divine…and you better not skip dessert!

4.  Hyatt Lost Pines Resort—->For the couple wanting to extend their anniversary celebration throughout the weekend, spend a few nights at this local resort!  Be pampered at  Spa Django, cruise around the river  on bikes, or relax with your honey in the lazy river.  We’ve celebrated our anniversary twice here and love it!

5.  Mount Bonnell—->For the “not the typical” and “on a budget” anniversary celebration…pack a picnic or pick up some yummy eats at Whole Foods and hike up this Austin landmark.  The views are amazing and who knows…you might get lucky and be the only ones up there.  Extra romantic points for watching the sunset together!

*For more ideas, make sure to check out April’s post on her favorite date night spots around town!



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