My husband and I eat out several times a week, mostly on the weekends, and it’s amazing to me that, even with the sheer number of good restaurants in Austin, we always end up going to the same ones. I suppose if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Well, occasionally we are in the mood for something new, and what we’ll usually do is just drive around until we see a place we haven’t been before. More often than not, we end up trying the place once and then falling back to our old stand-bys the next time we’re out.

But then again, there is the rare moment when we stumble upon something great. And that’s exactly what happened with G’s Dynamite Deli on South First Street.

G’s is pretty easy to miss, actually. It’s tucked into the corner of Oltorf and South First Street, just a little old house with a sign out front and parking in back. You wouldn’t even know it was a restaurant at first glance, really. (click HERE for directions)

But we did spot it one day, and we’ve been making regular trips back for lunch ever since.

Space is limited due to the small size of the building, but we’ve never had trouble finding seating indoors or out. The staff is always super friendly. There are customer-designed coloring pages covering the walls. This place fits right into the South Austin culture.

The menu is pretty limited – mostly just sandwiches, salads and pizzas – but the servings are incredibly generous, and the ingredients are noticeably fresh. In fact, G’s marketing brags that they “only use the freshest ingredients.” It certainly comes through in the food.

My favorite is the chicken salad sandwiches, which is one of the best I’ve ever had. My husband loves the Turkey Jalapeno Melt. And there is always an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies for our daughter to snack on. Oh, and if you get there are the right time, you can get a couple of mini chocolate pecan pies for desert. Yum!

After that first stop, G’s Dynamite Deli quickly became one of my family’s favorite South Austin spots for lunch. Fresh, delicious, and local! The perfect combination!


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