If someone would have asked me if I thought I would be the mother of all boys I would have said “no way”…I am such a girly girl in every way, so it only made sense that I would have a daughter. High heels, make up, jewelry, shopping? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Fishing, hunting, critters, wrestling? I’ll go but don’t like it, nope, hell to the no, and not so much! Are there days I wonder what it is like to have a daughter? Of course, it’s natural to wonder and would I love one…well of course. But let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE having a house full of boys!!!

My house is not a quiet house by any means, and it rarely stays clean for long, it is over taken by super heroes, Ninja Turtles, remote control cars, Legos, Hot Wheels, swords, Nerf guns, wrestling matches, boxing gloves, booby traps….I could literally keep going. The only pink in my house is in our guest room or hanging in my closet. My house may not have much pink, but my house also doesn’t have D-R-A-M-A and that is so lovely. Really, it is lovely. I listen to friends complain talk about the drama that comes with daughter(s) and I don’t have it. Not that my youngest {4} doesn’t have his dramatic moments, because for the love of Pete, he does….but it is so different than girl drama!

In my 3 little boys eyes I am the best thing in the world to them and I treasure that like nobody’s business. They love their daddy to the ends of the world, don’t get me wrong, but there is something extra special between a mommy and her sons. I can do no wrong in their eyes and they take my side on just about everything. 😉 Drives the hubby crazy some times, although he also loves it. My boys are also very protective of me and it is so very sweet! When my oldest son was about 3, I was watching Oprah and of course it made me cry….when he saw me crying he yelled at Oprah on TV to be nice to his mommy and not make her cry! It was so freaking cute, I laughed so hard! When they are grown I will have the best body guards between them and my Hubs!

Raising boys can come with some difficult moments. I have one sister and she is older than me, so I essentially grew up as an only child, so I wasn’t around boys growing up often enough to see the “weird, strange, or gross” things that they do. So there have been MANY times I have asked my husband “Why on earth are they doing that?” “What are they doing?” “Is that normal?” “Why, why, why?!?!” I am not talking about anything remotely alarming either, just random gross things boys do that I now laugh when friends ask me about it with their sons. I totally sound like my husband did because I just respond “Oh yes, that is normal, boys do strange things some times, no need to worry”.

When I say boys are gross, I mean it, they are. Not necessarily in a bad way though, they are boys & they are supposed to play outside and get dirty then have to be reminded 20 times to wash their hands before they eat. Most boys can play with frogs, go to the bathroom, pick their nose, then run straight into the kitchen for a snack without giving hand washing one thought. I had to put teeth brushing on my boys chore chart. Like it is a real chore people. I think my oldest 2 could care less if every last tooth fell out of there head, they would would maybe brush their teeth once a week. Showers are the same way. My youngest is not quite like that, although I suspect that could change at any given moment. I am just hoping and praying that by their teenage years they actually care if they look and smell horrific, given that my husband and I have amazing hygiene my hopes are quite high. Things like hygiene are hard for me to grasp as a girly girl…my mother never had to MAKE me shower or brush my teeth! What?!

I love all of the rowdiness and fun that comes with boys too. I am one heck of a baseball mom and proud of it! Soon to be football mama too 🙂 My boys love camping (if I go we are in our camper trailer, their dad will take them primitive camping though and they love it!), motocross – they both ride dirt bikes and 4 wheelers (I will ride the 4 wheeler, haven’t worked my way up to the dirt bike just yet), tubing, wake boarding….outdoors and sports….they love it all! I was such a priss growing up that I didn’t care for the outdoors too much. I did outdoorsy things, but it wasn’t ever my favorite. Having a house full of boys has taught me a lot about my self in the sports and outdoors department and requires me to get out of my comfort zone some times. I like that. I want to be a good mix and have them see me try new things knowing it is out of my comfort zone, they get excited about stuff like that because they all recognize that I am very girly.

I could keep going, but I have to cut it off at some point. I will say the list of things that make having all boys beyond amazing is endless, but I’m not sure my heart could have melted more the day that each of my 3 sons told me they wanted to marry me when they grew up. {each of them was around 3/4 and I remember each time!} Nothing sweeter! They all 3 love to snuggle with me (and their daddy) any chance they get, even my almost 10 year old – he will still let me rock him! I hope that never changes.


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