Allison’s Bag

I never go anywhere without my Kate Spade baby bag and Thirty-one diaper bag. If you’ve ever accidentally forgotten diapers on an outing you know how bad convenience store diapers are—yes, I’m THAT mom that’s clearly done it!

aden+anais Blanket- It’s funny that I have a blanket/nursing cover in my bag TODAY, because most can attest that I typically have to borrow a scarf or use a restaurant napkin as a cover up. Now if I don’t have one, I just don’t care!
Polysporin- I told my horrifying breast feeding experience, here and this ointment is left over from those first few BF’ing weeks. Thank you, Ann Bennett for saving my tata’s!
Binky- My youngest only takes a binky so I never leave home without an extra! You never know when that thing will be projected from his mouth and bounce into the binky-eating universe!
Sophie- What is up with the Sophie Giraffe obsession? The boys love/loved her!
Bella Salon Writing Pen- We get our hair done at Bella Salon on 6th…they always have nine million pens out in the front and somehow my 3 year old manages to steal one each time…I have these pens everywhere!
Tide Pen- I don’t know why I have this in my bag…they suck and make a worse looking wet stain spot than the actual stain itself.
Sunglasses- I love sunglasses and have no shortage!
Wallet- Duh, can’t go anywhere without the dough! Whether its doctor’s appointments, Starbucks, or gas, I’m always spending money…so says my husband.

Hand Sanitizer- I workout, I go to the grocery store, I’m constantly touching gross things. Hand sanitizer is a MUST!
Lotion- Can’t be ashy!
Lipstick/Chapstick- Ummmm…just in case I can’t decide which color! I love Mac & Chanel!
Hair Spray- Feeling embarrassed about this one. Did you read, What Kind of Mom Are You? Yeah, ‘nough said.
Scissors/Tape- I sold some stuff on eBay today (click here to read how to make money on eBay)…so I don’t “typically” carry sharp objects in my baby bag.
Baby Socks- They were stuffed deep in a pocket…I’ve been looking for those!
Snacks- I recently cut milk out of my 3 year old’s diet…since then, he asks to eat every hour. Yes, I need more snacks.
Gum- Another random item for me. I never have gum because I turn into a full on mooing cow when I have it in my mouth. I guess I was feeling less than fresh one day!


Elisabeth’s Baby Bag:


So, I am obsessed with my Jonathan Adler Diaper Bag – I was super excited to get this as a baby shower gift, and I still am in. love. with it – which is always important since other than your baby, is your most used accessory for the first 2+ years of your kid’s life!

What’s In It?

Outside Pockets:

Changing Pad – MUST HAVE – most changing stations are disgusting, so we always use a changing pad.

aden+anais blanket – another vital part of our bag – we love these blankies, and they can also double as a nursing cover, changing pad (if the other one makes its way out of the bag, a bib, and, of course, as a blanket. They are big enough that they will cover my 6 year old too, so he loves having this in the car.

boon water cup – it’s hot as hades in Texas, so every must stay hydrated!

my wallet (that doubles as my purse for date nights & quick trips into the store – it will fit my phone and keys)

car keys – not going far without those bad boys

leftover cheerio – you know, for just in case. 😉

Pouch includes:

Butt Paste – we think Finn might be allergic to Milk, or something, because he’s been getting bad diaper rash – this stuff is the best, by far. I tried many others and none came close to working like this.

2 things of Hand Sanitizer – Germs are everywhere – gotta have it.

a thermometer – this is leftover from our vacation when I was packing extra medical stuff in the bag so I’d have easy access when we were in the mountains. I just never took it out.

Little Nose’s Saline Nose Spray – see above RE: vacation in the mountains

Baby Ibuprofen & a medicine dropper – see above RE: vacation in the mountains

Boogie Wipes trial thing that I got as a free sample and have never used.

Top Zipper Pockets:

“Mom” Pouch – contains my “lady” stuff, gum, lip gloss and two hair ties. (Side Note about my Bobbi Brown lip gloss…thanks to Allison and her quest to win a BB contest, I “liked” their Facebook page. They had another contest running, so I entered a photo collage of my bestie and I, and we won the weekly contest! So, I got a some free gloss. Score! Thanks, Allison!)

Finn’s Pocket: Extra onesie, extra romper, bib


My Planner – I don’t carry a purse when I have the diaper bag, so my planner fits inside nicely

Hudson’s Allergy Kit & Inhaler – includes benadryl dose, epi-pen, and asthma/allergy action plan. This goes every where that we go.

a Beyblade – big brother represented again in the bag

Snacks – Puffs, two fruit/veggie pouches and another water cup

Diapers & Wipes – no explanation needed

Miscellaneous – Two black rubber bangle bracelets, a rogue bottle cap, a few extra puffs that escaped from the can, a plastic piece from a shelf that I’ve been looking for forever. (SO glad we did this blog post!!!!)



Kristen’s Bag:
What’s in my bag??? A whole lotta junk and trash. But every few months when I clean it out or change purses, this is my standard of what I always carry with me:
Kristen's Bag
-Stella & Dot Bag: I ALWAYS carry a large bag. How can I not with four children? Only when I’m along or on a date do I don a clutch or smaller cross-body. I love this new bag of mine…especially the drink holder on the inside for my diet Dr. Pepper bottles!
-Costco wipes and diapers: We are just on the cusp of potty training my son. When we run out of diapers, that’s it…I’m not buying anymore. But I will always carry wipes in my bag. They’re so multi-purpose! And I am completely biased towards the Costco brand of both wipes and diapers by the way…I’ve tried others, and none are on par with these.
-Kate Spade wallet: My husband gifted me this several Christmases back and I just adore it. It’s understated, large, and has held up really well over time.
-Lip glosses and lipstick: No explanation really needed. I like MAC products. The End.
-Chevron notepad: This is when my kids are wanting/needing something to occupy them. I just hand them this notepad with a pen and they’re golden for a good ten minutes at least.
-iPhone: Basically my life right here. Who’s with me mommas? I never leave home without it….on purpose, that is.


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