Unless you have been living under a rock most Austinites favorite park is Zilker…..but it is not my personal faves. It stresses me out for some reason, there are a few others around town that I prefer much more. Here is a few of my top parks in the Austin area:

1. Shipe Park on 45th Street – this is such a small and quaint park in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of lots of hustle and bustle. There are big trees, lots of shade, and 2 pools {a small wading pool & a big one} in separate fenced in areas.

2. Little Stacey Park in Travis Heights – you have to wind through the neighborhood quite a bit to find this gem of a park, but it is worth it! This park keeps my boys occupied for a while. Huge trees, lots of shade, a wading pool for the littles. I wish this park was closer to me, because we would go much more often.

3. Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park – this park is very close to us so it is the one we go to the most, my kids nicknamed it the spider-man park because of the jungle gym. We go running & bike riding on the trails and play at the different play grounds as well as occasionally use the baseball and soccer fields for some sports fun. We obviously also love that this park is so close to our neighborhood.

4. All Abilities Park in Round Rock – this is my favorite park of all time and the one we go to as often as we can. It has EVERYTHING….really a little kids park dream if ya ask me! It is huge, fenced in, clean bathrooms {NOT port-o-potties}, a huge sandbox, amazing playscape, a little replica town of Round Rock with working stop lights and all, a musical section, the most fun swings, the list goes on and on! If you haven’t been to this park….GO. My boys take their scooters just about every time we go, we pack either lunch or plenty of snacks and drinks because we are usually there about 3 hours.

Austin and surrounding areas are full of amazing parks that may be some well kept secrets….don’t keep them a secret….us mamas need to know about these hidden treasures. I think switching up parks in essential in keeping the kids interest. If you frequent the same one all of the time they get bored.

What are your favorite parks…divulge the info with the rest of us!


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