Day Date Suggestions for a Mother and SonI am a very lucky mama to have 3 sweet little boys {soon to be 4} to go on special dates with. We try and change it up often and each of them like different places, partly due to personality, but also their ages {10, 7, & 4}. I am going to share some of our favorite spots around Austin to have that special time for just me and one of my babes.

Phil’s Ice House

My youngest loves to grab a yummy bite to eat and play on the playground. Due to my food allergies I can’t take advantage of the full menu, but literally everyone I know says the food is delish…and my little guy loves it too. I prefer to take him here over Chick fil a any day for some food/playground fun. It is outdoors and seems so much less germy. They have a few locations around town, so there is sure to be one close to you. Plus Amy’s Ice Cream is right next door….ummm that’s a win-win for all!

Barnes & Noble

My oldest LOVES to read, so a happy time for us is to stop by Barnes and Noble to spend time looking at books and picking out a few to take home. It is a good time for us to have a quiet space to chat too, about all kinds of stuff. I am always learning something new about him with these visits and chats. Priceless moments!

Terra Toys

d188a9af001602e16a1749402483b468This is a local Austin store that really all of my boys love but my middle one is in heaven here! He is very imaginative and he can always find something that intrigues him here, unlike at most chain stores. We can sit and play, read books, and just be silly together. Plus who doesn’t love supporting a local biz.




Alamo Drafthouse

Our family is a total sucker for this theater {and ones similar}, our kids have been hooked since their first visit. We are a movie family for sure. If my hubby and I want to make sure a smile is plastered to all 3 boys faces all day then a movie here does the trick! One of my favorite parts is we get to eat “treats” but they hardly ever ask {or get} candy while there. They are perfectly content with sharing some pizza and yummy drinks.

Good Ol’ Outdoors

Boys and the outdoors go together like cookies and milk! I can take any of my boys to do just about anything outdoors and they are over the moon happy. We can go to any number of parks around town, a hiking trail, on a bike ride, a nature scavenger hunt, a little game of catch on the field….really the options are endless. The bonus is they burn some of that rowdy little boy energy they never seem to get rid of ;). The only down side is they are sometimes a little stinky afterwards, but it is worth every second of fun!

I absolutely LOVE getting one on one time with each of my little monkeys, especially since there will be a new little monkey in a couple months. I strongly believe that special time is so important and you can each learn a lot about one another. My boys also get this special time with their daddy. We try and take turns, the boys LOVE it!

What are your favorite mommy/son date spots? Share them with us!


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