As parents, we accumulate a lot of “stuff”. Some recyclable, some not. Today we are taking everyday household trash and turning it into something to decorate your home with and be proud of! I guess one woman’s trash really is another woman’s treasure. From Diaper boxes to Pringles cans, we’ve got something for everyone today.

Diaper Box Turned Basket:

Diaper Box Turned Basket

  • We have actually stolen this idea from our Sister Site, Red Stick Moms Blog. Rather than reinventing the wheel here, you can find a step by step tutorial to create your own basket right, here!

But, here’s a picture step by step of how AMB completed it!:


Mason Jars Turned Adorable Potted Plants:

  • The very first thing I did was paint them with chalkboard paint. I wanted the black so that when I distressed it at the end the black would show through and give it that shabby look I was going for. The reason I did the chalkboard paint instead of just black paint is because it adhered to the glass better.
  • Once the chalk paint was completely dry I started to spray paint the jars the colors I wanted with just regular (you could use craft paint though).
  • I let each coat dry before I re-sprayed. After all coats were dry, I went over sections of the jar with the same color craft paint just to make it more smooth.
  • I used a sanding block and started roughing them up so you could see the black showing through. I used a clear matte finishing spray on the jars to help them keep their color when outside.
  • I haven’t had the chance to pot succulents in here yet, but I know when I do, they’re going to be AMAZING!

mason jars


Pringles Cans Turned Spaghetti Noodle Holders/Decorative Piece:

  • Smear some glue over the sides of the Pringles can, small sections at a time.


  • Start wrapping the twine from the bottom part of the Pringles can.


  • Make sure that there are no gaps as you wrap the twine around the can all the way up.
  • Cut the twine and glue to end on top of the rolled twine. If it’s done correctly, the end can’t be seen.


  • Cut leaf shaped pieces from felt or any other type of stiff fabric. I used pieces of burlap. Cut them into leaf shapes and painted the shade of green I liked best.
  • Glue the leaves to the can first.


  • Add some faux flowers or anything that looks cute. I bought flowers and just glued them to the can, but you can also make your own {tutorial, here}.  Allow to dry.
  • I also made a couple more with different shades of twine with no embellishments except the ribbon on top. My husband uses this for a spaghetti noodle holder.

Oatmeal Container turned Headband Holder in 5 minutes!


We blogged about this back in the day and thought it was time for a revival. This took literally five minutes and that includes my little helper (still dressed in her Anna costume from the Frozen Sing-along) dripping  Mod Podge on my table!

  • 1. Supplies-You’ll need some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, a paint brush, an empty oatmeal container, scissors, some glitter and 5 minutes of your life.
  • 2. Make sure you’ve eaten all of your oatmeal! We have oatmeal on a regular basis, so this wasn’t a challenge for us. If you don’t eat oatmeal, you can try doing this same craft with a formula canister OR if you’ve outgrown formula and aren’t an oatmeal eater…you can pick up a can for $2.99 at Target and just get on with your craftin’ self.
  • 3. The first thing I did was take the lid off and glittery-it-up! To do this I simply added some Mod Podge to the lid and sprinkled glitter on it. This took the longest to dry.
  • 4. Next my daughter picked a piece of scrapbook paper she liked for her room.
  • 5. Apply Mod Podge to the container. The cardboard of the oatmeal container will soak up some Mod Podge, so apply liberally.
  • 6. Start to lay your scrapbook paper on top of the glue. I also put Mod Podge on top of the paper as I was laying it on.
  • 7. Voila! You’re done. This will dry in an hour or so and then it’s ready to go.

What trash have you turned into treasure? We are always looking to feature new crafts!

***If you missed Co-founders, Allison Mack and Vanessa Barry this morning on Fox 7 News Good Day Austin, here’s the clip!***





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