westlake dermatologyDry skin in the wintertime is extremely common thanks to harsh temperatures. Humidity tends to be very low in the winter which, when combined with cold breezes, tends to be the perfect combination for taking moisture out of the skin. Then most people warm up with a hot shower or indoor heat which dries out the skin even more. So what’s a girl to do?

Here are six easy tips we give our patients to keep the skin well moisturized for the remainder of this cold Austin winter:

Moisturizers: Choose Creams over Lotions

When selecting a moisturizer opt for creams instead of lotions. Lotions are watery and easily absorbable while thick creams tend to seal in the moisture and provide an additional level of protection to the top layer of the skin. Go with something that is fragrance free and apply immediately after you shower.

Avoid Using Fragrances

Many perfumes can irritate the skin. Also the alcohol in your favorite fragrance will dry you out and disrupt the skins ability to maintain good moisture levels. If you must wear a perfume try to use a lower amount than usual and limit the number of daily application.

Take Quicker and Cooler Showers

This tip is going to be hard on your shower lovers. Lower water temperatures and shorter shower duration will tremendously help your skin in the winter months. Also try to limit your showering to once a day.

Drink more water

Proper hydration is one of the biggest factors when it comes to skin health. One thing you can do in the winter is consume more water than needed on a daily basis. The additional h20 in your cells can help replenish the water you’re losing from old man winter.

Steer Clear of Booze

Alcohol consumption is the exact opposite of water consumption as alcohol tends to dehydrate the body. So by regularly drinking you are basically aiding old man winter in his mission to dry out your skin.

Get your Omega-3’s

Omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders for skin health. The fatty acids can protect the skin from the effects of harmful UV ray exposure, make your hair shiny, and keep the skin hydrated. You can take omega-3 supplements or eat foods high in the fatty acid such as fish (salmon/sardines/halibut), walnuts, flax seeds, and tofu.




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