I’m pretty sure nobody wants to admit it, but we are all guilty every waking second, minute, hour, bath time, bed time, dinner time from time to time of being a little “too attached” to the internet, attached to our so-called “friends”, and thus, attached to our adorable little devices. Whether it be via phone, computer, or some other source, we’ve seen the different videos surfacing on our newsfeeds that remind us of why we need to be ‘more’ disconnected. I digress.

With that said, I’m not the kind of mom {not that it’s good or bad} that has a child with the ability to operate my phone, tablet, computer, etc. Yes, the kids know about their existence; however, aside from punching their tiny fingers on the screen, they know no more. So when AMB was asked to sample the AIO Wireless Velox Tablet, I couldn’t have been more excited! It meant a new toy for mommy, not baby or toddler. And that’s rare.

AIO Wireless

AIO WirelessI know many people {my husband, included} think that being a blogger is like shopping with an unlimited credit card at Nordstrom that never has to be paid, but let’s get real…it’s an exhorbant amount of work! I never leave home without the ability to post blogs, update social media, respond to all of our fabulous readers, and I absolutely always have the web on my mind. Thus, I need a means to stay connected.

No doubt I have my means to accessing the web, but I gotta say, I absolutely LOVED the Velox Tablet!

Why, you ask?

  1. Durablilty: The Velox Tablet just seems so much more durable than some of the other products that are on the market. I know I’ve barely dropped my I-phone and it’s been destroyed in the process by shattering the front…the back…or both. I didn’t test it’s shatter-ablity, but it just feels and looks so much more durable without being bulky. Leading to my next point.
  2. Size: This little gadget is nearly the size of my checkbook! {Let me guess, you’re wondering why I’m still using a checkbook???} But seriously, it’s big enough not to get lost in my ginormous baby bag, but sleek enough, not to add a tremendous amount of weight and bulk to my bag.
  3. Pictures: Knowing I had to give the tablet back {BOO :(}, I didn’t take a ton of pictures with the tablet; however, I tested it out enough to know it’s pretty amazing! With a front and back camera, it’s ability to capture you’re kid running around naked as well as selfies is bar none.
  4. Usability: I still consider myself a spring chicken…until it comes to technology. I don’t like change. I don’t like new things. And I don’t like things that confuse me. {Insert, technology}. How I run a blog is sometimes baffling. BUT the Velox Tablet was beyond easy to navigate and everything I could’ve asked for was at the tip of my finger pads…literally.
  5. Kid Friendly: Even though MY children aren’t big tech children, the tablet is so user friendly for a child-like mind {ME!}, that I know it’s a great option for kids in the car, at a restaurant, or even at home with an educational game.

To say I loved the Velox Tablet is an understatement. Enough said.

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