It’s pretty surreal that I am already planning my son’s first birthday… it feels like 5 minutes ago that I was pregnant. Either way, the day is getting closer and closer and planning is underway. I feel pretty bad for my oldest son’s 1st Birthday Paperless Post invite so I’m hell bent and determined to not screw up the 1st for my littlest.

Thank you fellow Pinterest posters who made my son’s first birthday invitation spectacular! In all honesty all the thanks goes to Laura Morsman Photography who we’ve bragged about so many times. Not only were we dealing with a major storm and cool front that was blowing in, but we also were dealing with an 11 month old, balloons, dirt, grass, and wind. Given all that was against us, I was back in the car and headed home after 30 minutes, THIRTY MINUTES< 30 MINUTES, y’all! And half that time was spent tying jute onto the balloons. Oh get this… Laura picked up the balloons for me since she knew I had the babes and just added it to my bill at the end. Seriously, she stopped at HEB early in the morning and purchased my props. She’s a true professional and life-saver!

As usual I was paranoid that we had no decent shots, but in typical Laura fashion, she assured me we had THE pics we needed! So without further ado, here is our 1st Birthday Invitation for Townsend {front & back}.

1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea

Like I said above, isn’t Laura the greatest!? She even designed this adorable invitation too. I just threw a couple of ideas to her and she did the rest. I’m beyond thrilled with the finished product and felt so proud when I sent these out. I’m seriously thinking about framing them…HA!

Here are some other fabulous shots that Laura captured just before the raindrops started falling.

1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea1 Year Birthday Invitation Idea

I wouldn’t have done his 1st Birthday Invitations any other way and am so happy I have some amazing images to capture this short-lived time in his life. Next year he won’t be nearly as adorable in nothing but a cloth diaper 🙂




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