image (3).jpegThe newest AMB baby will be here in less than 3 weeks y’all, that’s crazy! In case you are a new reader {welcome by the way}, I blogged a while back about my husband and I expecting our 4th baby here and here. This pregnancy overall has been my hardest, the morning sickness started day 1 of week 5, was almost a constant 24/7, lasted over 20 weeks and the medicine didn’t help. Ugh. So. Hard. Things got better after that wore off, but now that I am well into my 3rd trimester I am of course dealing with a whole other bucket of issues. Major lack of sleep {thank the make-up Gods at MAC for some fab concealer}, aches and pains, one of which I like to call the “ice pick” in the vajajay feeling, lower back pain, contractions, ya know…the normal stuff J. While all of these things are not fun or comfortable, I really do LOVE being pregnant and this is my last pregnancy. I am trying to take in all of the moments, pleasant and not, as much as I can because I know I have just a few more weeks to ever feel a baby kick and roll around in there. I love when he has the hiccups and my boys can feel it. I love that they are all 3 constantly feeling of my belly trying to figure out what he is doing and how many times he kicks them, and what body parts are where. It is precious and oh so amazing. This pregnancy coming to an end is really bittersweet, I will miss all of those special moments greatly, but having my new little man here will be even better. Amazing new adventures and memories await my family and I can’t wait to experience it all.

hospitalgoodsWith the end in sight I had to pack my hospital bag. Some mamas keep it pretty simple and others go all out….I probably fall in the middle somewhere. I have my stuff packed and ready in the entryway except for the few things that can’t be packed until last minute, which I made my hubby a nice little post it on our bathroom mirror as a reminder.

Here are my must haves:

  • Diaper bag {this beauty is brand new and I already LOVE it, great recommendation by AMB Co-founder, Allison Mack from her Diaper Bag Blog!}
  • A couple of outfits/pj’s for baby boy, including the custom, personalized coming home outfit
  • 2 Aden & Anais blankets
  • My cute hospital gown and extra pj’s with slippers
  • Nursing bras
  • Clothes for me to wear home – this is a hard decision to make people!
  • Bathroom essentials: soap, lotion, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, toothbrush/paste, and of course my make-up {once a pageant girl, always a pageant girl…the makeup is non-negotiable}
  • Phone, camera and chargers
  • Small ice chest for placenta – I am having it encapsulated, which another contributor, Allena, blogged about a while back.
  • Drinks and snacks – due to my crazy list of food allergies I tend to always be armed with things I know are safe for me to eat. Plus I am not following the “nothing but ice chips” rule. You need the energy for a natural, drug free birth…ice chips are for the birds.
  • Young Living Essential Oil diffuser with a few different oils – helps with a wide variety of things
  • Boppy Pillow for nursing and comfort
  • Birth plan!!! Those nurses need to know I mean business…we aren’t doing most things the traditional “mainstream” way…that could be a post all its own!
  • A few items for the hubby: toothbrush and a change of clothes

Some days I feel like I am completely prepared to go into labor and others I don’t, I am such a type A planner and control freak, so the not knowing when it will happen can be hard for me. I have told my husband probably 100 times who to call or remind me to call – the doula, my parents, & placenta lady are the top priorities depending on how labor is going. I tend to go into labor and deliver pretty darn fast {last baby was less than 2 ½ hours}, so it is extra important for me to be as prepared as possible, otherwise I will lose my mind haha. I am already so grateful for our doula because I know she is going to be amazing and help make certain things so easy for the Hubs and me. This will be my 2nd birth sans drugs, but she was a necessity for our peace of mind.

Next on my list of things to get done….his nursery! Seriously, folks – nothing is done in his room! Still have to paint the room and his crib then set it all up and decorate. Some stuff has been ordered, just need to piece it together. I will do a nursery reveal when it is complete! Now I am off to finish my nesting {I am a nester by nature even when not preggo, but it’s worse right now :)} and probably get emotional about one thing or another.

What’s on your must have hospital list that I left off?



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