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{We are 2 days out from Father’s Day 2014 and to honor the men in our lives, we are turning over the blogging reins to some pretty special dads this week. Check out all of our dads this week as they share their joys, regrets, and journeys to fatherhood with Austin Dads Blog.}

We have had so many spectacular dads that have been featured this week, but in MY opinion, there is no greater dad than the father to my children, my husband, Wesley Mack. He loves to chase our kids around the house growling, is stern yet so affectionate, takes the time to teach them new things, reads books, sings silly songs, and is overall, the most loving compassionate, and gentle yet aggressive father to our boys. Here’s my hubs!

What I’ve Learned About Raising a Toddler

Raising a Toddler, Austin Moms Blog

  1. Communication: Communication is key, use the saying ‘use your words’… I do not appreciate whining or an all-out temper tantrum. I’m fine with emotion, but I try to teach our toddler to use his words to describe what is wrong.
  2. Respect His Siblings: Also known as share with your siblings. No hitting & no fighting over toys- especially when we as parents all know that we bought them the same amount of toys…
  3. Love the Outdoors: For me this is an easy one, because I do. Both of my sons love the outdoors & would rather be playing a game outside than watching TV. I love that my (almost) 4 year old loves playing outdoors, exploring in the dirt, throwing rocks, and picking up pillbugs.
  4. Enjoy Play Time: Both with others & independently—I teach both boys to be crazy kids, have a fun time, throw stuff, yell & laugh, and let them have a good time being a kid.
  5. Affection: Hug and kiss on our family. I believe it’s important to teach them affection at an early age. I want my kids to know I care for them and it’s a blessing when they are affectionate back. I never knew I’d enjoy a wet kiss so much!
  6. Clean Up After Themselves: I push this one, if you’re going to bring every toy you own out into the living room- fine, when you’re done it’s ‘Clean Up Clean Up, Everybody do their share’!
  7. Do His Best In Sports: During Wee Ball season (T Ball for 3 & 4 year olds) I pushed Lincoln to give his best every time. I don’t want to be a crazy Dad; I just want him to try his best, I preach listening & trying- that’s it.
  8. That TV/iPhone/iPad’s have their proper place & time: We actually ‘cut the cord’ some time ago, because we both felt TV was really just a waste of time and limits creativity. We have cartoon- Friday morning & sometimes on a Saturday just for an hour while we cook breakfast.
  9. Eat well: My oldest craves sweets so it’s important to me to push meat, vegetables and fruits into his diet. I try to lead by example here and my wife will sometimes cut down on the sweets she buys at the grocery store.
  10. Most of all teach him that life is fun: Especially being a kid! Have fun, laugh, run around, life is a ball- have fun doing it.

Raising a Toddler, Austin Moms Blog

What have you learned most about raising and teaching a toddler?




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